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Pinball Games

The classic recreational virtual

Pinball is a game mechanic lounge, which launched a metal ball on an inclined board. On this board we have to keep the ball from falling through the hole in the lower part, for it will have paddles or also called flippers to resend the ball towards the top.

The goal is to get the majority of points possible without the ball lands, points are scored every time the ball bounces off one of the elements of the board. Also we have special elements that are activated at certain times and if we can send at this time the ball to the event, get many more points.

Normal games usually have three balls, as if we fall one at the bottom will have two other trials. This means that each item is considered finished upon completion balls obtained by adding the punctuation before. There are many varieties of game in which we find different environments such board space board, in which the ball becomes a luminous sphere and bouncing off buildings or other objects.

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