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Naruto Shippuden Games

Practice your ninja skills with Naruto

Naruto is the protagonist of the manga series of the same name that tells the adventures of a teenage ninja. Aspiring to become the next Hokage of the hidden village of Konoha, Naruto trains every day to master their ninja skills and be eligible for the title should be considered one of the strongest in the village. To this must himself learn to master a lot of ninja techniques, all while charging with a curse as his old father hokage locked to one of the ancient beasts inside.

Sacrificing his own life Naruto's father started his son inside the nine-tailed fox, this gives a lot of chakra and power. But if you can not control and dominate this power, you will eventually lose control this beast freeing only sowing chaos and destruction. Creating your own way this young ninja dominate impossible techniques and develop new ones, leaving everyone surprised. But it is not easy to become Hokage, as powerful enemies lurking out there willing to end his dream.

Now you must carry out training with Naruto to help you become Hokage and gain the recognition they look for in a village. To do this you will carry out battles with him in which defeat the enemies that appear in the series. But if that were not enough, viewers want to see as Naruto faces other stars of anime series. It is the case of game in which you will see opposing forces Naruto VS Goku in your hands will be the winner. Another of these games is Naruto VS Bleach where you have to help our friend to proclaim himself the winner. Everyone is online now Naruto on your PC completely free so that it is accessible to all their fans. Join Naruto on his way to be the best ninja ever!

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