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Super Heroes: Secret FacesSuper Heroes: Secret Faces
Spiderman hook rescueSpiderman hook rescue
FNF Vs Spider ManFNF Vs Spider Man
Avengers EndgameAvengers Endgame
Venom: Hero Street Fighting gameVenom: Hero Street Fighting game
X-Men: Children of the AtomX-Men: Children of the Atom
Rooftop Battles OnlineRooftop Battles Online
How Well do you know Iron Man?How Well do you know Iron Man?
Super Heroes BallSuper Heroes Ball
The Incredible Hulk: Chitauri TakedownThe Incredible Hulk: Chitauri Takedown
Thor: Boss BattlesThor: Boss Battles
Marvel Super Heroes Japanese versionMarvel Super Heroes Japanese version
Fly with SpidermanFly with Spiderman
Captain America at the doctorCaptain America at the doctor
Wonder WomanWonder Woman
Monsters fight 3DMonsters fight 3D
Draw Pixels: HeroesDraw Pixels: Heroes
Spider man rescueSpider man rescue
Dress up the Dark PhoenixDress up the Dark Phoenix
Mango Piggy Piggy HeroMango Piggy Piggy Hero
Dressing the superheroinesDressing the superheroines
FNF Vs Ned (Friday Night Funkin)FNF Vs Ned (Friday Night Funkin)
Guess the SuperheroGuess the Superhero
Stickman super heroStickman super hero
Craft adventure of favorite heroesCraft adventure of favorite heroes
Suicide Squad finds coupleSuicide Squad finds couple
X Men VS Street FighterX Men VS Street Fighter

Free marvel games

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Save the world with the superheroes of the Marvel universe by facing their worst enemies and putting an end to their evil plans to destroy humanity.


The Best Marvel games on our website

The Marvel factory has created an entire universe of superheroes that has conquered millions of people around the world. What was born as a comic strip to entertain the public has reached the big screen in multiple films divided into phases. We are talking about such well-known fictional characters as Spiderman, Iron Man, Thor, and many other heroes that fill our screens. You will find all these characters and many others in the world of minigames thanks to this section on our website.
The superheroes of the Marvel universe have conquered half the world and their adventures are still very present with new adventures that are premiering on the big screen. Stories such as those of Spiderman, Captain America or superheroines such as Catwoman or Wonderwoman, among others, have come from them. Without forgetting the superhero groups that have become extremely popular such as The Avengers or the X-Men.
Their success has not only been seen in the world of comics, television and cinema, but also video games have used the adventures of these superheroes to create very fun stories in which you have to become the protagonist. Large platforms such as Nintendo, PlayStation or XBOX have dozens of titles set in the stories of Marvel superheroes, but on the Internet we also have many Marvel games that will make you feel all the adrenaline of being a comic book hero. Try our selection with more than 50 Marvel games and enjoy this fun online experience.

The Marvel Superheroes that meet in this category of games

The Marvel universe is very broad and it is normal if we take into account that they have been delighting the public for more than 50 years with the most amazing stories that involve superheroes and people with special abilities, which will be used to destroy an enemy that endangers to the inhabitants of a city or the entire world, those known as villains.
The world of Marvel has taken so many turns that those who were once villains are now part of groups of superheroes since they have been rehabilitated and brought to the good side of history. We cannot mention all the Marvel characters that are going to star in the stories that we present to you in this collection of games because there are many, but we are sure to name characters like Spiderman, Hulk, Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, etc. You will know them perfectly. Without forgetting superhero groups like the X-MEN, the Avengers or the Fantastic Four.
They all come together in the Marvel games that make up this category and in which you will have to put their superpowers to the test when facing the strongest villains you can imagine. Don't miss any of these adventures and show that you could be another Marvel superhero.

Fight the Most Powerful Villains in Marvel Games

When we talk about the Marvel world, it is the superheroes who get the most attention, but... what would a superhero be without a villain? That is why on our website you will also find stories starring the dark side of Marvel. The bad guys from the movie also have a fundamental role in these Marvel games that we are going to present to you.
We are not going to expand much further and we leave you here with our collection of Marvel games made up of more than 50 games in which you will test the superpowers of your favorite characters from Marvel comics.