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Kirby BombermanKirby bubbleKirby adventureKirby omegaKirby star scrambleKirby dress upCreate KirbyFlappy KirbyKirbystarKirby pacmanKick kirbyKirby Star Catch 2

Kirby Games

Inflate and fly with our friend Kirby

Kirby is a fun pink ball like a globe, is able to inflate and fly for a short period of time. Even more powerful is its ability to absorb his enemies as a vacuum cleaner to get the ability to absorb enemy is if the enemy can throw fireballs on the har too.

But it is not limited to these two skills as it is a master in martial arts, he can lash out at high speed or launch a powerful kicks against his enemies. Your enemy is King Dedede, who stole all the food from his beloved home Dream Land.

Our pink hero embarks on a struggle to regain the food, but they will have to defeat all minions of King Dedede one by one to reach the evil king. Will need to leverage the skills of his minions to deal best for each situation, and that progress in some areas need to break through a sledgehammer or attack from afar. Kirby helps to retrieve food and enjoys jumping or flying all over Dream Land.

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