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Hulk Games

Destroy everything in your path with Hulk

The scientist Bruce Banner Rober received the mutated genes of his father unknowingly taking inside the strength of Hulk latently. Everything changes when one of their latest experiments the gamma pump is affected when in the blast radius, then the force has been sleeping inside will break out uncontrollably.

In the beginning when no one can control this beast and Dr. Banner must flee to try to stop himself also to protect those who pursue it breaks. When it becomes it becomes one of the strongest beings in the world and bullet proof, anyway with nothing being shot through his green skin.

But when Earth is in danger Shield uses this monster to deal with the aliens. and save the planet. Help the doctor in his mission as avenger and terrible enemies fighting for world peace, you can even fight any of the Avengers to show who is the strongest of all.

Begins to handle a great superhero as Hulk who has starred in many movies and games. Here you are dueling superheroes in action games, puzzles and more. Examples are fighting Wolverine vs Hulk or Wolverine, Hulk vs Superman and many more. You can also enjoy multiple games for children starring Hulk. All games of this green giant have been collected in this category will continue to be updated with the newest Hulk, as is his new red version. You'll have to be careful not to miss the latest Hulk on our website!

Bust cars and buildings with the Incredible Hulk using their devastating unnatural force

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