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Mass man - Hulk

🔥 Destroy everything in your path with Hulk 🔥

Blast cars and buildings with the Incredible Hulk using his devastating unnatural force with which we will wreak havoc in the city and flee the police to avoid capture.

Rober scientist Bruce Banner received his father's mutated genes without knowing it, having Hulk's strength latent inside. Everything will change when in one of his last experiments the gamma bomb is affected when it is in the radius of the explosion, then the force that has been sleeping inside will be unleashed without control. This is how one of the most beloved Marvel superheroes of the moment is born. That is why we have created this category to satisfy the great legion of fans that the green Marvel monster has and offer you the games that we are most asked for, such as clashes with teammates like Wolverine or Superman. You must be careful not to miss the latest Hulk on our website!

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