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Dora the explorer

🔥 Learn and play with Dora the Explorer 🔥

Dora the Explorer is the protagonist of a famous cartoon series and now she has thousands of adventures to carry out, along with her friend Boots, in which she will teach us languages.

Play and learn with Dora! Join this young and charming explorer, Dora 7 years old, and her pet, Botas (a purple monkey 5 years old) on some of his trips and live a very enriching and didactic adventure. This series is born for preschoolers in which they will learn brave lessons with Dora and at the same time they will learn languages, in the English version Dora teaches Spanish to the little ones and in Spanish and Latin American teaches English. Dora and Boots advance in their adventures thanks to the map but always needs the help of their spectators. On the way they usually meet their enemy Swiper, a fox friend of others who always steals the objects that Dora and Boots need to continue their adventure.

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