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Dora the explorer Games

Learn and play with Dora the Explorer

Play and learn with Dora! Accompanying this lovely young explorer, Dora 7 years old, and your pet, Botas (a purple monkey 5 years old, faithful companion) in some of his travels and lives a very enriching and educational adventure !. This series is born for preschoolers where they will learn lessons with Dora brave and time will be learning languages, the English version Spanish Dora teaches young and the Spanish and Latin American teaches English.

While these two intrepid adventurers advance with the help of a map, but not enough to reach your ultimate goal, so do not forget to help them in their search for lost objects, or that they have lost, but also need you to go through any impediment or any obstacle in their path and finally find these enigmatic objects. We also need to help them overcome all kinds of challenges that will appear to them as they progress the adventures of Dora and Boots. You will have to be careful with Swiper the fox, who is the villain of the series and always wants to steal objects Dora and Boots need to complete their mission. To this gang joins them occasionally Diego's cousin Dora star in his own series called Go, Diego, Go!

Apart from their missions always with Botas, we Dora games that will be submerged into new worlds that does not control as well, so he needs your help. Dora exercising nanny baby care, Dora turned into a mermaid, kitchen with Dora, Dora doctor and many more. Dora's world comes to network online way for smaller keep learning with these fantastic games.

Dora the Explorer has thousands of adventures to perform with her friend Boots

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