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Free dora the explorer games

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Dora the Explorer is the protagonist of a famous cartoon series and now she has thousands of adventures to carry out, together with her friend Boots, in which she will teach us languages.


We Welcome to the Dora the Explorer Games

Play and learn with Dora! Accompany this young and charming explorer, 7-year-old Dora, and her pet, Boots (a 5-year-old purple monkey) on some of their trips and live a very enriching and educational adventure. This series was created for preschool children in whom they will learn brave lessons with Dora and at the same time learn languages, in the English version Dora teaches Spanish to the little ones and in the Spanish and Latin American version she teaches English. Dora and Boots advance in their Adventures thanks to the map but they always need the help of their viewers. Along the way they often encounter their enemy Swiper, a fox who is a friend of others and always steals the objects that Dora and Boots need to continue their adventure.
The little ones adore Dora the Explorer and the episodes of her series are very interactive and always invite the public to participate. Their games are not going to be left behind and they will surprise us with fun Adventures in which we will have to ensure that Dora emerges totally victorious. In many of them she will be accompanied by her faithful friend Boots, on other occasions she can go with her friend Diego or simply face the most fun Adventures of the Dora the explorer games completely alone.

Join Dora, Boots and the Map on their Online Adventures

The chapters of the Dora the Explorer series are very simple and they all follow a very clear pattern. Dora in each episode will encounter a problem while she is traveling. He may have lost something that he needs to look for or he simply has to help Boots with a mission. But, sometimes they don't know where to start and that's where the interaction with the audience comes in since Dora will turn to them on multiple occasions to help her solve the mystery. Likewise, they will have to notify their friend the Map, who guides them along the way to end their adventure.
The Dora the explorer games are also very simple and with a simple glance even the little ones will become easy to control. Some of these games are set in the classic adventures of Dora the Explorer, the ones in which she is just a 7-year-old girl looking for adventure. But, Dora the Explorer also has an 11-year-old teenage version who starred in a series in which we see a great change. Likewise, the live action Dora the Explorer movie is also portrayed as a teenager, so it is logical to see Dora the explorer games with this image.
You will find all of them on our website and we invite you to carry out Dora's adventures in these online games for which you will only need a device with an Internet connection to start enjoying them.

Dora the Explorer Games for Girls and Boys

There is a strange thought that categorizes Dora the Explorer as a girl-oriented character and it is not true. This also happens with Peppa Pig and it seems that if the main character is female, the audience must be female too. Nothing could be further from the truth, Dora the Explorer is loved by boys and girls all over the world and her games are aimed at all of them without exception.
Boys and girls will enjoy the best Dora the Explorer games that make up this category of our website, which has more than 25 games on this theme that you cannot miss.