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Free Dress up Uma Descendants 2 Game
Dress up Uma Descendants 2
Play to dress the pirate Uma of the Descendants ...
Free Descendants Dress up Game
Descendants Dress up
Choose the coolest clothes you find in fashion ...
Free Descendants: Barber Villana Game
Descendants: Barber Villana
The Descendants Evie, Mal and Lonnie trust ...
Free Descendants fashion Game
Descendants fashion
Evie and Mal want to raze at school ...
Free Descendants: Evil and the spell book Game
Descendants: Evil and the spell book
Evil has found a spell book from her evil mother ...
Free Memory villain: Descendants 2 Game
Memory villain: Descendants 2
The descendants come with new pirate adventures to test your intelligence ...
Free Evie dress up Descendants Game
Evie dress up Descendants
Evie is prepared to go to the High Auradon ...
Free Wicked Highschool prom tailor Game
Wicked Highschool prom tailor
Evie has borrowed to be the tailor of her friends ...
Free Babies Descendants Game
Babies Descendants
Today we offer this fun game Descendants babies ...
Free Freddie Descendants Game
Freddie Descendants
Freddie arrives more evil than ever at the Áuradon ...
Free Descendants Makeover Game
Descendants Makeover
Evil is being adolescent and leaving some pimples. ...
Free Jay Descendants dress up Game
Jay Descendants dress up
Jay's son Jafar needs a makeover ...
Free Villains bad or good Game
Villains bad or good
The villainous want to go from bad to become ...
Free Descendants: Evil in the foot doctor Game
Descendants: Evil in the foot doctor
Evil Maleficent's daughter has serious problems ...
Free Descendants: Dressing Jame Game
Descendants: Dressing Jame
In this great dress up game, we can dress ...
Free Carlos de Vil Game
Carlos de Vil
Cruella de Vil's son wants to impress ...
Free Evie in the hospital Game
Evie in the hospital
Evie has suffered an incident while trying ...
Free Villains BFF Game
Villains BFF
Ursula and Maleficent are the most feared queens, ...
Free Descendants on the Island of Misfit Game
Descendants on the Island of Misfit
Run with the descendants of the lost island ...
Free Manicures Mal Descendants Game
Manicures Mal Descendants
Evil wants to impress us with his hands ...
Free Descendants at the end of the year Game
Descendants at the end of the year
Evil and Evie want to enjoy the night ...
Free Descendants: Welcome Party Game
Descendants: Welcome Party
The Descending of the villains have reached Auradon, ...
Free Descendants: Hidden Objects Game
Descendants: Hidden Objects
Maleficent has hidden several items ...

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Free Dress up princess villains Game
Dress up princess villains
Hi girls, today we are going to dress ...
Free Jordan Descendants Game
Jordan Descendants
The daughter of the Genius arrives from the Isle of the Lost to enter ...
Free Descendants: putting together outfits Game
Descendants: putting together outfits
Let's play this fun game to combine outfits ...


Descendants Games

How to play descendants free, no downloads

Disney again surprised the audience with this film created for your themed cartoon channel, Disney Channel. The descendants chronicles the lives of some of the teenage children of the heroes and villains of the Disney classics. The protagonists of the story are: Evil, is the daughter of the villainous Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty and live harassed by her mother who wants to become a bad girl like her; Carlos, the son of mad dogs of Cruella de Vil which is quite clumsy; Evie, daughter of the Evil Queen Snow White tale is quite conceited and dreams of marrying a handsome guy; and, finally, Jay's son Jafar, the evil adviser to the Sultan of Agrabah Aladdin movie.

The film is set in the wonderful realm of Auradon where all is peace and happiness because, with the triumph of good, the villains were banished to the Island of Lost and with them their descendants. Now Prince Ben is about to take over from their parents, Beauty and the Beast, on the throne and his first decision is to give an opportunity to the children of the villains. It considers that not to blame for what their parents did a day and should be able to enjoy the kingdom like other boys his age. Our players will be admitted to the school Auradon where they coexist with other children of the Disney characters. Maleficent would leave her daughter with the condition that he got the Fairy Godmother wand that would allow them to leave the Island of Lost.

In this adventure, the players know the value of friendship, of good and even of love and finally decide between whether to follow the footsteps of their parents doing wrong or live in peace with the other inhabitants of Auradon and be common adolescents as others. If you're still of the few who has not seen this movie I recommend you do it because they have already announced a second part will probably be released this year. Part of its success is due to the music and the characters interpret many songs throughout the adventure.

The success of this film comes to the world of mini-games and have collected the best for you. The protagonists girls are very snooty and are no longer at the time of their parents. They are much more modern and you have to help them dress the last. Makeup, styling and many activities can do with the characters in this film. Immerse yourself in the world of villains with these games!

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