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Descendants Games

Meet the children of Disney villains

The success of the Descendants comes to the world of mini-games and free games that we have collected for you. The descendants of Disney villains are now very presumptuous protagonists and are no longer in the age of their parents. They are much more modern and you will have to help them dress the latest. Make up, comb and many more activities that you can do with the characters in this movie. Enter the world of the villains with these games!

In this adventure, the protagonists will know the value of friendship, good and even love and finally decide between following in the footsteps of their parents doing evil or living in peace with the rest of Auradon's inhabitants and being common teenagers like others. If you are still one of the few who have not seen this movie, we recommend you do it because they have already announced a second part that will probably premiere this year. Part of his success is due to music and is that the characters play many songs throughout the adventure.

Travel to Auradon to unleash the differences of the children of the Disney story villains

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