Clarence Games

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Clarence and donutsClarence: Find hidden lettersClarenceThe bad attitude Adventure Time
Clarence Games

Solve the problems of Clarence and his friends

Clarence is a ten year old boy loves gorging on junk food like chips, burgers and all the fast food that makes us get fat more easily.

He and his friends are very positive, always see the good side of the problems that are occurring throughout their lives.

Jeff is one of his best friends. It is the most intelligent of them and can be differentiated by their square head. Usually dresses with short sleeves shirt blue shorts, yellow-orange, white socks and slippers summer shoes.

Sumo you could also say it is the best friend of Clarence. It is very joker and has a twisted mind but of great heart. Usually wear short-sleeved shirt with black, blue shorts and sneakers chocolate. No hair because when he met Clarence, asked him to cut his hair and grew it's not. He had blond hair and parase he loves Chelsea.

Clarence and his friends are ready to play with the best of their games to have a good time of fun. If you like the series of Clarence you can dive deeper into the world playing different games based on the TV series .

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