Bendy and the ink machine

Bendy and the ink machine Games

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Bendy and the ink machine Games

Bendy and the ink machine Games

If you still do not know the popular game Bendy and the ink Machine now you can start with these fantastic free games that we have collected in their new category. Bendy and the Ink Machine is a game that has gone viral thanks to great youtubers like ITownGamePlay among others. Some consider it the Hello Neighbor Disney and others compare it with the classic Five Nights at Freddy's. It is a game of terror and adventure in which you have to manage your protagonist by an old animation studio. The game in principle will have 5 chapters and are already on sale the first two (Moving Pictures and The Old Song), having already announced a third soon. It is a game in which you will have to go through the animation studio in search of objects and solving puzzles, since the second chapter would include fighting skills.

The main character of the game is called Henry and he is an animator who worked in the SillyVision studio. Years later, he has received an invitation from his former boss, Joey Drew, to visit his old job. Once he gets there, he finds a dark place and a few traces of ink that make him think that Joey has gone through the hidden practices. Once there, you will have to collect six objects with which you will feed the machine and you can put an end to the strange events that are happening in the animation studio.

If you have not yet been able to enjoy the two chapters of Bendy and the ink Machine, here we leave you some fun flash games with which you can go and brighten the wait. You can have fun watching the funniest animation of the game doing a very funny dance. If you prefer, you can come play with the games of painting Bendy or the games of adventure. Do not wait any longer to start enjoying with the characters of Bendy and the ink Machine!

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