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Batman Games

Batman Games

Gotham City is a safer place since our superhero Batman decided to fight evil in its streets. In its mission will have the help of allies like Robin, Batgirl, Nightwing or his butler Alfred. Batman figure has achieved great success and have come out great movies and TV series. Batman the Dark Knight, Batman Begins and, most recently, Batman VS Superman are some of the great films that have led to this comic book character to the big screen. Video game platforms like PS3, PS4 or XBOX nurtured the success of Batman have also been taking a lot of games that is protagonist, even has his Lego version. Now is the time to succeed in the online minigames that have collected in this category.

It all starts after the murder of his parents Thomas and Martha Wayne, in front of his young son Bruce Gotham City was plunged into a wave of crimes and unprecedented corruption. It seems that the death of these two famous people of the city the little kindness that people had left in Gotham was.

But his son that day was proposed restore hope to the city and its inhabitants, training from an early age has become a vigilante hero Batman fight against all that is rotten. Thanks to his great fortune, Batman has a huge amount of tools and weapons of last generation to fight crime, besides his physical strength that instills fear among their enemies. Not only will face ordinary criminals or mobsters, but will have to deal with supervillains like the Joker or the Penguin who want to destroy the city and completely remodel at will regardless of the damage they cause. Become the hero of Gotham and save its people from evil stalking them.

Start living the adventures in Gotham alongside Batman with titles that we propose here. Batman Arkham returns, racing motorcycles and cars, escape and rescue missions, clashes with rivals highs and many others from different animated series, Batman dress up games and more. Join Batman in his war against the most evil villains and make this world a better place to live!

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