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Descendants 2: Mal vs Uma Descendants: Quiz in the best style of Áuradon The fashion of the Descendants Mal paint online: Descendants Hospital of the Descendants Dress the Descendants Memory villain: Descendants 2 Paint Uma: A pirate Descendant Descendants on the Island of Misfit Descendants: Smarte couture Descendants: Welcome Party Descendants at the end of the year Evie de tailor The Descendants Fashion Stylist Dress up princesses in villanas
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🍎 Who are The Descendants? 🧙‍♀️
In 2015, the Disney factory surprised the public by announcing a film in which we could learn more about the lives of the Disney characters after their stories. Not only were we going to see flesh-and-blood versions of Disney princesses and princes, we were also going to learn what happened next and, more importantly, their offspring. Yes, The Descendants mentions the children of Disney princesses, but they are not alone, there are also the children of Disney villains. The plot tells us that the villains and their descendants were banished to an Island, taking them away from the Kingdom of Auradon, where all the princesses, princes and their children live.
It all starts when they decide to give the villains' children a second chance and four of them are chosen to start the school year at the Auradon Institute. Will the children be as bad as their villainous parents? The success of the film led to the release of a second part, The Descendants 2, in which we met new characters and continued to learn about the lives of the villains' children in Auradon.
This success was also noted in merchandising and in countless online games that have teenage villains as protagonists. Get ready for the best online adventures of The Descendants and discover completely new stories that are only found in their funniest mini-games.
🍎 The Descendants and their Best Games are on our website 🧙‍♀️
The Descendants land on our website to offer us a lot of fun in their online mini-games and so that you don't miss any of them we have grouped them in this new category of Descendants games on our website. There are several themes that we will address together with The Descendants, but among them we can highlight the games to dress up The Descendants or the classic games such as coloring or memory cards with Disney villains, without forgetting the adventure games.
Mal and Evie are the girls of the group, daughters of Maleficent and the Evil Queen, and they will also be the main characters of these games, along with the two boys: Jay, Jafar's son, and Carlos, Cruella de Vil's son. All of them, and the rest of the characters from the films, come together to offer us some fantastic adventures that you cannot miss.
We have more than 15 Descendants games with which you can spend a great afternoon of fun on our website. Not only do we have games, we also have quizzes where you can test how much you know about The Descendants. All this and much more, here, at
🍎 The most successful Descendants Games on the Internet 🧙‍♀️
Fans of The Descendants are in luck because we offer you a very varied selection of games in which you can have fun while playing dress up The Descendants or dare with their best adventures such as Mal VS Uma (Ursula's daughter), one one of the best action games we have in the saga and which is set in The Descendants 2.
If you have already been convinced by our arguments, or if you are simply a big fan of this Disney film saga, we invite you to try all the titles we have on our website. You can play The Descendants games completely free on our website and without downloads. What are you waiting for to start your own adventure in Auradon?