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Free Baby: nurseries Game
Baby: nurseries
You have the best nursery in the city and all the moms bring their babies ...
Free Babies Game
in this game you have to take care of babies ...
Free Dress up baby Game
Dress up baby
This baby is very cold and you have to clothe ...
Free Baby factory Game
Baby factory
Storks are responsible for making babies ...
Free Baby in the kitchen Game
Baby in the kitchen
Help this baby has to make the purchase and cook some delicious ...
Free My first baby Game
My first baby
Mom left me in charge of my little sister ...
Free Cry Baby Game
Cry Baby
How long you can put up with the crying ...
Free Caring for crying babies Game
Caring for crying babies
work in the nursery and this year has touched ...
Free Dress a baby in the snow Game
Dress a baby in the snow
You#39;re the mother of this baby and now you#39;ve ...
Free Caring for your baby Game
Caring for your baby
prove you#39;re a good mother and care for your baby. you must serve you and meet all your needs. ...
Free Babysit: my sister Game
Babysit: my sister
my parents left me in the care of my little ...
Free Babies caring for the fish in the aquarium Game
Babies caring for the fish in the aquarium
This adventure begins when our young players are quietly ...
Free Dora the Explorer caring for her sister Game
Dora the Explorer caring for her sister
Our friend Dora the Explorer is a little ...
Free Dora the Explorer kangaroo Game
Dora the Explorer kangaroo
Dearest scout for children today outside their normal ...
Free Baby valentine Game
Baby valentine
Take care of this baby and dressed in nice for Valentines ...
Free Feed and clothe baby Game
Feed and clothe baby
In this game you have to take care of a baby, you have to prepare ...
Free Clothing: baby 2013 Game
Clothing: baby 2013
You are caring for your little brother and want to try your wardrobe ...
Free Tedy dress up and baby Game
Tedy dress up and baby
Enjoy playing this fun dress a baby and your loved teddy bear. there are dozens ...
Free Bathe a baby Game
Bathe a baby
you are left to the care of this baby and you have to bathe this precious ...
Free Baby nurseries Game
Baby nurseries
Do you like babies? In this game you have to babysit ...
Free Twins Game
Play this fun game to care for these twins. ...
Free Babysit 2 Game
Babysit 2
With this game will see if yours is working ...
Free Wash and dress babies Game
Wash and dress babies
With this game you will be under the care of a little ...
Free Baby dress with glasses Game
Baby dress with glasses
In this game of dress you have to choose ...
Free Sick baby care Game
Sick baby care
Today you have to take care of your little ...
Free Small babies Game
Small babies
you#39;re in a baby nursery and you have to serve them well so they do not put to mourn. ...
Free Baby bathing Draculaura Game
Baby bathing Draculaura
Help Draculauras mother bathe her baby. You have to pamper ...
Free Dress a baby in the car seat Game
Dress a baby in the car seat
Youll go out with your baby and you should ...
Free Super Dad Game
Super Dad
It shows that parents can also become a good babysitter. ...
Free Baby daisy, diaper change Game
Baby daisy, diaper change
margarita is named this baby is about to wake up from nap and needs your help to change ...
Free Bathe the king baby Game
Bathe the king baby
king has left you in charge of her first child and now you have to take care with love for the baby does not get to mourn. ...
Free Bathe for the first birthday Game
Bathe for the first birthday
Today is the first birthday of your little sister ...
Free Care for the prince george Game
Care for the prince george
Dive into the castle as a nanny of the little ...
Free Baby Game
You get stuck by this beautiful baby and be aware of each and every one of their requests. ...
Free Baby visits the dentist Game
Baby visits the dentist
Your turn to babysit Baby Hazel and her mom is working ...
Free Easter baby care Game
Easter baby care
take care with love this baby easter where you have to bathe, ...
Free Baby on the run Game
Baby on the run
Help this baby to escape from their parents to pick up the toy he likes so much. you have to go unnoticed ...

Other Babies Games

Free Giving birth to a baby Game
Giving birth to a baby
Take the role of a midwife to help a future ...
Free Pregnant Mom Game
Pregnant Mom
Today we will take care of mom. Since she is pregnant ...
Free Pregnant Game
its maternity is about to have her first baby but first want to know the sex of your baby to prepare ...

Caring for a baby is not easy because you have to be aware of them at all times. Use toys to keep him entertained, give them a bath, change diapers, clothes, give them a walk, etc. There are many activities for our newborn does not cry.

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Babies Games

How to play babies free, no downloads
Newborns are the most adorable creatures in the world, are nice and everything they do makes us a nice smile. Although this is only part they see those who are not parents, because a baby is a constant source of work and worry.
Good parents should worry about their little day and night, must ensure that your child is clean changing diapers and bathing the baby. But not only that they must also give the bottle when needed, but certainly the most difficult task of all this is to comfort them when they cry.
Since these babies can begin to mourn in the middle of the night without warning, causing their parents lose sleep and go off to care for them. Help these poor parents to care for their children, can bathe yourself to remove the dirt with utmost care because you have to keep small slip.
Even Dora the Explorer will help us take care of these little teaching us all the secrets to do well. All work involving caring for a baby as bathing, dressing, combing, etc. You have to carry them out in these fun games. Keep your newborn so beautiful and carefully as possible so that both father and he are happy!