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Another version of GTA where you have 2 missions to do as in the great game of Playstation. Seize on foot and vehicle and steal as many banks as possible. Of course, with the police EYE!

Games Grand Theft Auto San andreas

Grand Theft Auto San andreas

In this game you can choose characters from Dragon Ball Z to find the magic balls and make a wish to Shenron. You can also face the Saiyan to put your fighting force approves or play in two player mode. Have fun!

Games Dragon Ball Fierce Fighting 2.6

Dragon Ball Fierce Fighting 2.6

Fight against the most dangerous wrestlers. You have to defeat all your opponents to win the gold belt. You can pick up objects to hit the enemy and do much damage

Games Wrestling: Wrestling

Wrestling: Wrestling



You are the commander in chief of your recruits and your duty is to lead your soldiers to the field of battle where you have to attack enemies to conquer the enemy base. Use your military strategy to defeat the enemy !.

Games Rear


If you like hitting shots and save the innocent hostages, in this game you can eliminate the bad guys and save the hostages kidnapped by the enemy militia. Take cover and salt when nobody shoot to kill the enemy before they can kill you

Games Protect the hostages

Protect the hostages

Step into the shoes of a super police where you have to blast away the enemies trying to terrorize the streets of the island. Walk, jump, dive and shoot the enemies you encounter on the island. Press the X key to shoot !.

Games Supercops


Love The Smurf Smurfette want surprises on the day of his birthday. Avanza levels in Smurf Enamorado. You have to collect all the gifts haiga at each level and of course all birthday cakes.

Games Smurfs Adventure

Smurfs Adventure

In this game you are a ninja and your mission is to advance levels walking stealthily to attack your enemies. Use the martial arts to take out enemies, destroys all the boxes you see on the screen to get rewards.

Games Super Ninja Strike

Super Ninja Strike

Despite their low graphics is a very entertaining game. In this game you are a soldier who has to move forward levels, killing enemies and solving puzzles. Explore the land in search of coins and weapons. Have fun!

Games Mercx


Santa Claus had an accident while skiing with his sleigh. Now suffering several wounds and broken bones. Step into the shoes of a doctor to cure Santa. Hurry to heal Santa so that everyone treats on Christmas Eve

Games Santa Claus in hospital emergency

Santa Claus in hospital emergency

The Evil Queen has bewitched Snow White with a poisoned apple. You are now sleeping in the woods. Only the spell will be broken with a kiss of love. Give a true love kiss Snow White to break the spell.

Games Kissing Snow White

Kissing Snow White

Protect your guard post at all costs so that the goblin not enter your strength. Darts arrows and spells to stop this band goblin who think only destroy your empire and seize everything you've built. Good luck!

Games Sentry Knight 2

Sentry Knight 2

You are a ruthless piranha who just wants swallowing blood. Swallows as much blood as possible to satisfy your hunger and redeem liters of blood on upgrades for your fish. Swallow and eat everything you see considering that older fish can eat

Games Piranha attacks on Christmas

Piranha attacks on Christmas

Play with your favorite characters from the TV series Clarences. There are many levels and many challenges have to be overcome. Surely you will not get bored lethal adventures. Have fun!

Games Amazing Clarences

Amazing Clarences

Mounted in the police car and drive to the destination where you expect criminals. Stops all criminals to the next level. Drive carefully so as not to destroy the police car. Keep order in the city !.

Games Police emergency

Police emergency

Help this guy to build a fire to keep warm and eat some to survive. Can you live in the North Pole ?. Explore and search the ground in search of the necessary materials to create a fire

Subway Surfer in the snow

Help Santa Claus to cook some delicious Christmas cookies. Visit the store to compare edible ingredients to cook biscuits. Follow all the steps to get a delicious Christmas cookies

Cooking cookies with Santa Claus

Great airplane game where you must survive by killing enemies. Fly this plane for the battlefield. Avoid the enemies and shoot mercilessly until destroy them all. How long do you think you can last playing?

Aircraft survivals

In this game you have to infect human heads with a zombie virus, anyone who touches the virus will become zombie. Move the zombie head to infect human heads. You have no time !. What are you waiting to start !.

Zombie Time

Take on the Whale to eat as many fish as you like swimming ponds zoo to find an outlet to the sea. To go to sea have to eat everything you see to satisfy the hunger of this killer whale

Whale attacks

Play the new game Minion Kart. This time you have to choose the most desired to start competing and winning all possible kart racing. Tramples surprise boxes to benefit from the new weapons. Press the spacebar to fire

Minions Karts

This puppy is very cold and you need a dress urgently. Visit the dressing to choose a nice combination. You can also comb and modify the virtual puppy. To have fun!

Dress up virtual puppies

On Halloween night a child was stuck inside the House of Terror where strange things happen and everything looks real. Help Cody has to rescue the boy as soon as possible !. Hurry before it's too late !.

Cody Halloween Rescue

Are you ready for boarding !. The Vikings are about to board the pirate ship where you are. You have to be attentive to their arrival to start shoot and kill all the enemies before they do unto you

Pirate Survival

Flynn Rapunzel is waiting for you with a kiss of love without being see Maximus, Flynn's horse. Kiss when no one bothers Rapunzel, Rapunzel would otherwise be angry and you've finished the game. Kisses love !.

Kissing Rapunzel

Fly the train Santas Claus around the world to deliver all the presents for children who have been good. You have to weight train shop and get to the next station to deliver Christmas presents.

The train Santa Claus

The evil doll Pigsaw Kidnapped entire Simpson family to the small Maggie plays his evil game. You are now in kindergarten Springfield, has to explore and look for toys in the shape of the Simpson family.

Maggie Simpsons Saw

Christmas has arrived at the home of Anna and Kristoff. Now it clean and sort objects Christmas. Use the mouse to clean the trash and place objects in their correct. Merry Christmas!

Anna and Kristoff cleans house Christmas

This Christmas Mario has to deliver Christmas presents. To control the sled by giving gifts icy roads. You have to deliver the desired gift each character. Use the numbers to change gift. Merry Christmas!

Mario Santa

Controls the new Hulk atv bike riding it for the craziest city roads. Accelerate to jump the bumps in the road to collect all the stars of the way. Have fun!

Hulk ATV 4

Live Another heroic adventure with our friends Gumball and Darwin, where this time have to save Christmas. They have to pick up a bust and place them in the right place. Do not let another year without save Christmas!

Gumball and Darwin at Christmas

Donald Duck is kidnapped in a shelter and your mission is to reach the rescue. Jump from platform to platform, attacks enemies to stop you reach your destination and solve the enigma of the game

Mickey Super Adventure 2

Stay tuned because at any moment soldiers begin to appear parachute to land on your base and eliminate your cannon. Aim and shoot everything you see in the sky. Do not hesitate to shoot!

Anti parachute Canyon

Ride the jeep and shatters everything you see on the road. You have to go over all the alien ships and all the barrels of gasoline you see on the road. Drive and dodge all obstacles on the road

Crushing all

A massive wave of zombies want to infect us with a deadly virus. We'll have to be careful with these zombies smokers, we have to point and shoot to eliminate them all. Visit gun shop to compare improvements and new weapons

Zombies smoking

Today we are going to change the style of the game's protagonist Jake Subway Surfers. How would you like comb ?. or Would you change hair color ?. Now you can do whatever you want with your hair and clothes. Enjoy it!

Hairdressing Subway Surfers

Santa Claus has had an accident on his sled and is now in emergency room to heal and who can give you time to get to all the houses so that all children receive their Christmas presents. Let Santa so that all have gifts

Santa Claus in emergencies

Violetta is trapped in the lost world and needs our help to get out of here. Avanza levels collecting fruits and avoiding all the animals that inhabit this world. Will he Violetta from here?

Violetta in the Lost World

Get ready to dress the prettiest girls to make them selfie your smartphone. Visit the dressing and joint appropriate to make a nice selfies from your mobile phone garments. Selfi or self and are autofotos!


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