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In this game you have to survive to protect the clone of the evil robots. Get emeralds to buy new weapons and upgrades, not how long you can hold but if you say you`ll have a great Survival alien
Now you can design your own clothes to your liking, all as easy as breeze. Insurance that will create beautiful dresses and spend a good time playing. Have fun! Fashion designer dresses
This girl you see in the picture is going to have an accident in the kitchen and it will burn your hand, you`ll help him heal his wounds and has, when you`ll visit her dressing cures to choose a nice dress Accident in the kitchen
Now came the most anticipated summer juice such as Dragon Ball Fighting 2.6, with new characters and new enemies to defeat, to expect to play Fighting Dragon Ball 2.6
In this game you have to grind to Stickman in a blender to fill it with blood, but not so easy when they have to start with all the artillery attack Blender Stickman
This girl needs an immediate removal to improve their image and would like you to be beautiful. Shave, makeup and choose a nice dress for the party this afternoon Long hairs
Anna wants you to help her choose a nice dress for the wedding of her sister Elsa. Change hairstyle and choose a nice dress for all remaining open mouth Frozen, magical dresses Anna
This Minion you see in the picture has decided to spend his free time searching for lost treasures and is now on the island of adventure to find another treasure chest but can not find. Help this Minion has to find all the treasures Minion on the island of adventure
Elsa has to attend the birthday party of her sister Anna, but first want to go through the spa to relax and enjoy makeup and choose a nice dress Elsa at spa
Have a good time killing zombies. You have to survive the maximum number of massive waves of zombies. How long can you hold out? Survivals rag Zombies
Graphic adventure game where you`re a young man who enters a game and becomes an elf, now you have to find more objects to escape from this adventure Mini Elf
The nut of the screw has been lost and now can not live without it, advancing levels in search of the lost Turkish and have a good time playing these new adventures Nuts and Bolts
Talking Ginger needs a good haircut and wants you to help has cut hair. Use the necessary tools to strip and shave this cute kitty Talking Ginger, hairdresser
Play this exciting adventure game where you`re a kid with bazooka and your mission is to escape from a wheres caves have fallen by mistake. Can you escape? Bazooka Boy 2
The new Stickman is now a super hero who has to save the city from evil tyrants who want to seize the wealth of this city. Mercilessly Shoot all enemies in your path Stickman Superhero
In this game you have to rush and break all ice blocks that prevent you through. You have to give a good punch in the right place to break the ice wall with a single punch. How many walls can exceed? Ice breaker
Search and find all the letters of the alphabet which are hidden in the image of the Guardians of the Galaxy movie. Hurry to find all the letters before time runs out Guardians of the Galaxy, hidden letters
Have a good time playing this fun adventure game where you have to shoot the blocks to kill enemies. Your mission is to find the exit, but before you have to ingeniártelas for snaring enemies Go Blocks
The Coyote is in the Olympics to win the gold medal but it needs your help. Press the spacebar to start running, press the bar spacing in the right place and then press it again to jump The Coyote in the Olympics
Aim and shoot all the gangsters that appear on the screen before they can kill you. Be careful with these gangster because they are very good at hiding and they might kill you without you see them Aim and shoot the GTA style

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