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Use combs, plates, brushes and other elements to create the best hairstyle to each character requires. To complete the look some ask for a longer hair extensions or a new color for your hair.
Free Shakira makeup and comb Game

Today, in another fantastic game of makeup and styling, we bring to the Colombian pop queen Shakira. ...

Free Hairdresser living Game
Hairdresser living

Comb the girls like youre a hairdresser and put all the pretty ...

Free Dress an Angel Game
Dress an Angel

This little angel just got to heaven and have given their wings over his head and poses the light ring. It is the time to choose ...

Free Dress rapelia Game
Dress rapelia

Our friend Rapelia has a date with a guy tonight. ...

Free Barbie sue hair dresser Game
Barbie sue hair dresser

Today you will play this hairdressing lead to success ...

Free Hairdressing hello kitty Game
Hairdressing hello kitty

in this hair salon only products of hello kitty allowed ...

Free Makeup Fiona Game
Makeup Fiona

This girl called Fiona and is looking for a stylist ...

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Free Dress and comb Game
Dress and comb

Now you can dress and comb this girl you see here. You have to dress and style for this lovely ...

Free Wash and comb dog Game
Wash and comb dog

you found this cute puppy in the street and your mom does not want you to have it at home, you have to wash, comb and dress the dog to find an owner. ...

Free Real Barbie comb Game
Real Barbie comb

have a good time playing this mini game barbie ...

Free Dress and comb SpongeBob Game
Dress and comb SpongeBob

Spongebob need your help to make it combs and cut its huge mane. clean hair, short hair and choose ...

Free Comb real explorer dora Game
Comb real explorer dora

Dora the Explorer needs your help to peel and tinted ...

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How to play comb free, no downloads
One of the most functions demands of a good hairdresser is to comb their customers, but do not just want a normal hairstyle and looking for something new. You must be able to impress creating hairstyles that Haban never imagined, but not only what conseguirs peinndolos so you can use other ways to achieve this.
You can use extensions to achieve long hair and give ms ms tintarlo different shapes or colors to show other effects. It is possible to offer a total makeover with just a change of hairstyle, many customers seek this last either to offer a new image of themselves or show sb s sentiment and confidence for a job interview.
Some celebrities like Barbie, Megan Fox or Shakira pondrn in your hands to dazzle your fans at each event. Try the most daring hairstyles with those looking to innovate, you can even practice them with wigs which help you to become the master of the most innovative hairstyles.