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Make these characters face and make sure your chosen end up as the winner. These fighting games two are based on famous characters like Naruto, Dragon Ball, superheroes and other characters in video games.
Free Fight with the Barbarian Game

Test your fighting skills with these barbarians who will face off in an epic duel to the death with swords. ...

Free Last fight in the street Game
Last fight in the street

you are the only one who can sow peace in this city and this will have to fight all the criminals ...

Free Fight to the death Game
Fight to the death

great fighting game where you can choose neighborhoods players ...

Free Fight capoeira Game
Fight capoeira

Capoeira is a martial art of Brazilian origin ...

Free Warrior to fight Game
Warrior to fight

Fighting game in the purest Tekken or Street ...

Free Rock school fight Game
Rock school fight

Fight School Rock against dangerous very dangerous ...

Free Daphnes fight for fashion Game
Daphnes fight for fashion

fighting game in which For those who do not know Daphnes ...

Free Gangnam style: fight Game
Gangnam style: fight

Are you sick of hearing the song Gangnam Style and want to clobber ...

Free Anime final fight Game
Anime final fight

take action to fight the most powerful fighters ...

Free One Piece Ultimate Fight 1.5 Game
One Piece Ultimate Fight 1.5

plays another exciting fighting game with one piece and with many new characters ...

For mobile
Free Fight against pirates zombies Game
Fight against pirates zombies

The story of this game starts when a young pirate ...

Free Knights of the Zodiac Game
Knights of the Zodiac

you remember the knights of the zodiac, because ...

Free Cyber ​​zelda Game
Cyber ​​zelda

zelda has a new armor and new attacks, ...

Free Comic Stars Legend Game
Comic Stars Legend

Fun game based on only the stronger your favorite ...

Free Fights nightmares Game
Fights nightmares

in this game you have to fight monsters ...

Free Spongebob against Squirrel Game

Our friend SpongeBob is in deep trouble and needs your help to get out of them. Get our character ...

Free Goku anime Game
Goku anime

Play another fun game with many more characters Goku. you have to choose ...

Free Dragon beat Game
Dragon beat

can you survive a massive wave of armed enemies? ...

Free Kof the fighting strongs Game
Kof the fighting strongs

Exciting fighting game in which you will try to beat your opponent ...

Free The monkey murderer Game
The monkey murderer

it#39;s a very bloody game is a monkey who has to kill to get new weapons. ...

Free Super Smash Flash 2 Game
Super Smash Flash 2

Super Smash Flash is an incredible game of fighting ...

Free The bloody school Game
The bloody school

these in the dining room of your school when all your friends ...

Free Hobo 7: in paradise Game
Hobo 7: in paradise

hobo in heaven with St. Peter and has to fight everyone ...

Free The guardian of the stone witch Game
The guardian of the stone witch

great fighting game where you are a witch created ...

Free King of fighter 2015 Game
King of fighter 2015

king of fighter 2015 comes for you to enjoy playing. ...

Free King of fighters in the Hunger Games Game
King of fighters in the Hunger Games

Do you dare to play the Hunger Games version ...

Free Combat pets Game
Combat pets

Play this new fighting game with good graphics and easy to handle. ...

Free Final fantasy sonic x Game
Final fantasy sonic x

Fantastic game where you will see our hero Sonic and his friends ...

Free Priest vs zombies Game
Priest vs zombies

When a priest is in a zombie apocalypse ...

Free Enhanced comic stars fighting Game
Enhanced comic stars fighting

great fighting game where you can choose all the characters ...

Free Spiderman vs green goblin Game
Spiderman vs green goblin

do not miss the fight against spiderman green goblin. ...

Free Alloy walks firing Game
Alloy walks firing

Manage this character wearing this special ...

Free Hobo 5: Space Adventure Game
Hobo 5: Space Adventure

Martians have abducted many humans and one of them is you. you have to fight all the Martian ...

Free Hobo in hell Game
Hobo in hell

hobo again, but now they have sent to hell for doing such barbarities. ...

Free King of fighting Game
King of fighting

King of the fight is a fighting game where you have to face all opponents ...

Free Breaking heads world Game
Breaking heads world

in this game you have to break heads of the best players ...

Free Anime Legends 24 Game
Anime Legends 24

Saiyans have had to increase their power to face the worlds ...

Free Millie and the Goblin Rescue Game
Millie and the Goblin Rescue

In this adventure you will fight creatures called ...

Free Fatal Kombat Game
Fatal Kombat

Play this game based fighting game Mortal Kombat. They have to fight to the death !. You have to fight with Hattori ...

Free Street Fighter World Warrior Game
Street Fighter World Warrior

plays another exciting game Street Fighter ...

Free Rushido fighters Game
Rushido fighters

great fighting game where you can choose a variety ...

Free Fighting duels Game
Fighting duels

fighting game based on the famous game Street Fighter. ...

Free Fights in the jail Game
Fights in the jail

The convict from prison wants to challenge you to a fight in the prison ...

Free Lightsaber Game

the world has gone mad because of some monsters ...

Free Western sword warrior Game
Western sword warrior

funny action game where you drive a warrior with his sword shattering ...

Free Beetles murderers Game
Beetles murderers

you have to remove all beetles before you remove ...

Free Kakarotto Game

a new adventure awaits you with goku. you have to go forward ...

Free Feudalism 2 Game
Feudalism 2

In this game you have to conquer Europe in the Middle ...

Free Real Steel Game
Real Steel

Are you ready to fight with steel against ...

Free Anticristum Game

war game where you have to choose which side to fight. ...

Free Megaman 2 Game
Megaman 2

fight with megaman against tyrants who want to enslave ...

Free SpongeBob: hit Game
SpongeBob: hit

SpongeBob must enter the holes in the boat and that will mean hitting ...

Free Bloody fighter Game
Bloody fighter

Fantastic fighting game where you can choose among many celebrities. ...

Free Capoeira fighter 3 Game
Capoeira fighter 3

now you can fight with martial arts capoeira. ...

Free Desert war Game
Desert war

awesome game where you are in the middle of a desert ...

Free Fighting eggs Game
Fighting eggs

These eggs have joined the fashion of Street ...

Free Karate: the path to energy Game
Karate: the path to energy

passionate play this fighting game. Nick is looking for energy ...

Free End of the world 21/12/2012 Game
End of the world 21/12/2012

is produced inexplicable to the end of the world to come, the hole of darkness ...

Free Comic star fighting 3.6 Game
Comic star fighting 3.6

returns the next installment of comic star fighting ...

Free Swords and Sandals Game
Swords and Sandals

Swords and Sandals is a fantastic game where you have to create ...

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Fight Games

How to play fight free, no downloads
The art of fighting is present on our website with a large collection of games in which your mission is to lash with your opponents. A lot of games with this subject are available for you to spend time entertaining duels by confronting death with his fists or other valid wrestling objects. Combat against all opponents to prove who is the strongest fighter place.
You can find games free struggle of different themes like street fighting, wrestling, games WWE who manage their most recognized fighters in history, fighting games thumbs fight for 2 players to face with family and friends, among many others. We have classic titles of large platforms consoles, PlayStation or XBOX, like Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat and similar to the two previous games.
Multiple animation series characters come together in this type of game where we find battles between the characters in One Piece, Naruto, Dragon Ball, SpongeBob, etc. and superheroes like Spiderman. Manage your favorites to beat the rest, whether friends or enemies to proclaim the winner of the wrestling competition.
Do not wait any longer to enjoy the great fights that can bring you to release all the adrenaline inside you hitting the wicked starring these games. It does not matter if it is a ring or any street, your mission is to crush the opponents to make the victory, becoming an invincible fighter. Join to deliver blows to anyone who might think that is better than you!