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👊 Street Fighter: The First Great Fighting Game 🕹️
The Japanese company Capcom was in charge of developing the fighting game that paved the way for the rest of the titles on this video game theme. Furthermore, it is curious because in the case of Street Fighter it was not their first title that made them famous, they achieved this with Street Fighter II, which was a true revolution in arcade machines. In addition, the sequels they released on Street Fighter and the crossovers with characters from other franchises such as SNK or Marvel Comics were famous.
The success of Street Fighter did not stop only in its video game saga, it became so popular that it produced movies, television series and endless merchandising that the most fans did not want to miss.
The game mechanics were simple, they were generally one-on-one fights in which you had to launch attacks to weaken the opponent's life. Each character had special skills and techniques to use to defeat their rivals. It's not just about attacking, there are also defensive techniques that will help you avoid taking damage. Then we find somewhat different versions such as the crossovers of X-Men VS Street Fighter or Street Fighter
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There is usually a lot of controversy when it comes to talking about the best fighting game in history, the top contenders being Street Fighter and Tekken. The truth is that this varies a lot depending on tastes, but what cannot be denied is that Street Fighter marked a before and after in fighting games. They were pioneers in creating button combinations for executing special hits, in addition to being able to execute diagonal movements or combinations of direction movements and buttons.
They were also the first to talk about combos, that series of blows that connected directly to the rival without him having the possibility of defending himself. Combos soon spread and there is no fighting game that does not insert them into its gameplay. As we told you at the beginning, Street Fighter II was the game that brought the most benefits to the franchise, in addition to owing its great fame and, in part, it was because in this edition you could now choose any character to fight alongside and not only Ryu or Ken, the protagonists, who were the only ones eligible in the first installment.
As you can see, we cannot decide if Street Fighter is the best fighting game in history, but we can conclude that it was a pioneer when it came to introducing basic mechanics that we now all consider necessary in fighting games like Street Fighter.
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Up to this point we have talked about Street Fighter as a game, but we are here to offer you the best of Street Fighter minigames, so it's time to talk about them. As we tell you, fighting games have learned a lot from the mechanics that the creators of Street Fighter introduced and on the Internet we will also be able to find very fun versions of these games.
An example is the Street Fighter game with Stickman and other fighting games that are set in their characters to give us a lot of fun. To these we must add the classic Street Fighter games that come to our website thanks to the online retro console simulators. Now you can relive the best fights from X-Men VS Street Fighter or the crossover between Marvel Super Heroes VS Street Fighter. All this and much more on our website and without downloads, so you can enjoy the best of Street Fighter Online games.