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TMNT: Ready to Bebop and Rocksteady Turtles Ninjas TMNT: Monster VS Mutantes TMNT: Ninja Turtles Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Road Riot Learn Origami with Nickelodeon Nickelodeon: Hardest Game
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The ninja turtles games online

Let yourself be guided by Master Sliver 🔥

The ninja turtles, refers to a popular search on our website with about 6 related games to display
They are all games related to ninja turtles games , among others.

Do you know the TMNT Ninja Turtles?

In the dark sewers of New York, the Ninja Turtles' mutagen began. Due to a biological incident and some simple laboratory turtles mutated, and became the famous TMNT Ninja Turtles. These turtles grew up and became teenagers. They were trained with the martial arts of Master Splinter, a mutant rat who lost his family and now gives himself to his new family. He trained the turtles with all his effort to be true heroes and protect the city from anti-mutant villains. The TMNT family is made up of four ninja turtles, a mutant rat and a human girl named April O'Neil, daughter of a scientist.

Leonardo is one of the Ninja Turtles, he is recognizable by the color of his blue bandanas or handkerchiefs, he uses two katana swords, he is the most responsible of all and that is why he is believed to be the oldest. He is the leader and wants to be Captain Ryan, the hero of a television series he always watches. He is in love with Miwa, the Master's daughter.
Donatello is equipped with a bo staff personalized by himself. He is the smartest, creates weapons and gadgets, always gives good advice to his brothers and tries to get along with everyone. His flocks are purple and he is completely in love with April, although she doesn't even realize it.
Rafael is the craziest of all, he always seems angry but it's because he wants to be the leader. His bandanas are red and he is equipped with sai blades, small, very sharp tridents.
Michelangelo is the nicest, he likes to play pranks on his brothers, he likes video games and eating pizza. His bandanas are orange and he is equipped with nunchakus with a kusarigama, a kind of shakos but more damaging.
Master Sliver or Master Splinter is the master of the Ninja Turtles, he also suffered a mutagen and was transformed into a giant rat the size of a human. He will teach them the arts of ninjutsu so that they can defend themselves against the threats of the tyrant Shredder or Destroyer.

The Best Ninja Turtles TMNT Games

The Ninja Turtles have been with us for years and have conquered several generations with their adventures in which they will use their fighting skills to put an end to evil in New York City. It all started as a comic series that would later become an animated series and then came the movies. Everything made this franchise a great success that also made the leap into the world of video games with Konami, from which most of the titles in this franchise came out.
Likewise, the online minigames have echoed the success of The Ninja Turtles since it is still very current with new animated series that come out with these main characters. If you are looking for action, we recommend the Ninja Turtles games TMNT: Monster VS Mutants or Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Road Riot, but you have many others available on our website.

New Adventures in TMNT Ninja Turtles Games

Get ready for the new adventures that the TMNT Ninja Turtles games offer us and solve each of these stories before it is too late. You will be able to play in Ninja Turtles' own games and in others in which they will join other characters from the world of Nickelodeon animation.
Only true TMNT Ninja Turtles fans will dare to try our collection of games that we have prepared just for you.

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