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Ninjago prime empire LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars (Europe) LEGO Island 2 The Brickster's Revenge Ninjago racer Ninjago in Dragons Land Lego: Brick Car Crash Lego Superhero Race: On Line Lego: Nexo Knights Minecraft remake Lego: Build and Protect Lego Avengers: Hero Hustle Lego Batman: Gotham City Speed
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Minecraft Legocraft Lego City: Escape from the Prison Ninjago Lego: Coloring Book The Lego Movie 2: General Mayhem Attacks Minecraft Gmod Lego: Let´s go build a Star Wars: Ultimate Rebel Lego Friends Karts Minecraft motorcycle race Lego SuperHero Race Lego: Stacky Stack Star Wars: Toon Shooters 2 Ninja Blade Ninja runs from the Dog

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Everything you need to know about Lego

The evolution of the LEGO factory has been one of the most striking in the world of construction games and that was exactly what came to mind when we talked about LEGO. It all started as a brick-based building game that became very popular around the world, but this is just the tip of the iceberg for everything the LEGO world has become today.
Soon, LEGO began to make creations set in characters and films that are well-known worldwide and this is how you can find everything from Harry Potter's Hogwarts castle in a LEGO version or the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars with these same pieces. Everything that was successful in film and television ended up having a LEGO version and people loved it when LEGO dolls took the shape of their favorite characters.
LEGO soon made the leap into the world of video games and its movie versions or other games adapted to the LEGO world and its appearance. This is how original stories like the LEGO movie are born, but also versions like Lego Batman, Lego Ninjago or Lego Jurassic World, among others. These were also converted into playable video games for PlayStation or XBOX, achieving great success. And the best thing is that all the greatest LEGO hits are on our website, gathered in this category of LEGO games that we have prepared for you.

The LEGO Games that succeed on the Internet

LEGO is extremely topical and in large part it is thanks to the video games and movies that have recently been released on the market. Furthermore, the release of this material means that minigame developers are focusing on this niche and starting to offer us the best versions of these titles.
Without a doubt, one of the LEGO franchises that has the greatest impact on young people is LEGO Ninjago and its adventures have reached our website with games as fun as the LEGO Ninjago coloring book or the LEGO Ninjago Prime action games Empire, among others. Likewise, the LEGO Movie also has its space on our website with a minigame set in the story told in the film.
We cannot forget the retro console simulators that will allow us to enjoy original LEGO games that have been successful on major platforms and that now arrive in their online versions completely free for all our users. You can't miss them!

All the LEGO Games that you can enjoy online, here

We invite you to try the best LEGO games on the internet, from those that have been created as mini-games as part of the promotion of a new game or movie, to the original games that we can enjoy thanks to console simulators. retro online. Among them, let us introduce you to the LEGO version of Harry Potter, a game that came out for PS3 and PS4, as well as Nintendo and XBOX, divided into two titles: Harry Potter LEGO 1-4 years and Harry Potter LEGO 5-7 years.
These are joined by LEGO games with superheroes from Marvel and DC Comics, without forgetting their original stories such as those presented in the LEGO Movie or the adventures of the LEGO Ninjago. Get ready to experience the best of LEGO games online on our website.