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Yo-Kai Watch games online 🎮

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👻 The Yo-Kai Watch Adventure comes to our Online Minigames website 🕹️
We always find cases of animated series that succeed on television networks and then have their replica in the world of video games, but in the case of Yo-Kai Watch it is completely the other way around. The world and history of Yo-Kai Watch was born as a role-playing video game that was released for Nintendo 3DS by the company Leve-5. This first game was followed by a sequel with Yo-Kai Watch 2 and a third installment a couple of years later, back in 2016.
With the success of their video game, they managed to have it adapted into a manga in 2012 and later it became an anime that was brought to the small screen, premiering in Spain in 2016. This was followed by a series of films with which they culminated their jump to the big screen. All of this only made it clear that the Yo-Kai Watch craze was here to stay.
In the world of online mini-games it also achieved great popularity and you can find a large number of Yo-Kai Watch games with which to spend a great afternoon of fun. We present them to you in the following category of games on our website.
👻 Get the Yo-Kai in the Yo-Kai Watch Games that we present to you 🕹️
The story presented to us in Yo-Kai Watch is very simple and begins with Nathan Adams, our protagonist. One day he was hunting insects when he came across a rather strange bug that caught his attention. He focuses his efforts on hunting them down so he can surprise his friend Katie, but loses sight of them. What he finds is a rather strange vending machine that insists you insert a coin. Nathan ends up accessing it, inserts a coin into the machine and everything turns dark, being transported to a great world that remained hidden, that of Yo-Kai.
In the video game that started this whole world we had to go looking for Yo-Kai in the city of Fusagasugá and you could make friends with these creatures by throwing food at them before starting the battle. If you manage to defeat him, the Yo-Kai will give you a medal that will help you summon him whenever you want. Some of the Yo-Kai were very necessary to complete the main missions of the game, while others you could hunt at will to get them all.
When a player finds a Yo-Kai, an epic battle begins in which you can use six Yo-Kai to face him. Now you can take on these and other adventures in the online Yo-Kai Watch games so that the fun of this great world never ends.
👻 The Yo-Kai Watch Games that every fan should know 🕹️
Yo-Kai Watch has numerous adventures in the world of online minigames and we have compiled them all on our website so you don't miss any of them. With the rise of the series we have created original games exclusive to our website such as the Yo-Kai Memory games, Yo-Kain Watch puzzle games or Flappy Bird with Jibanyan.
The adventures of your Yo-Kai Watch that you had never imagined are on our website so you can enjoy the best of the online Yo-Kai Watch minigames completely free.

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