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Happy Ride Happy Wheels style Guns and Glory Short Life Puzzles: Guts and Glory Happy Wheels with movie cars Guts Glory: Puzzle Happy Rider Wheels We happy racing Hard Life
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The most dangerous races in Happy Wheels 🔥

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The Best of Happy Wheels Games now on our website

Do you dare to compete in bloody races with tricky roads in one of our Happy Wheels games? We have the original demo of and we invite you to participate in races very similar to Guts and Glory, the game that has been considered the Happy Wheels in 3D. The game maps are created by people from the community and that is why the fun never ends. You will always find new maps to face with the particular characters of this game. Accompany the obese lady in her stroller, the man on a bicycle with the baby or the old man in a wheelchair and fight for his life in these bloody Happy Wheels-style races.
If you like gore games with a lot of action and blood, the Happy Wheels option is one of the most recommended. This game achieved great success thanks to YouTubers and streamers who began to play it in their videos and live streams, giving it a fame that made it one of the most played games of the moment. The best thing is that to play it in its entirety you don't need to purchase the game directly, you can try the free demo that you have on our website and if the gameplay convinces you, you can upgrade to the full game whenever you want. Many online versions of this franchise have appeared that we will also bring to the web so that you don't miss anything in terms of Happy Wheels games and similar ones.

Live the bloodiest Races in the Happy Wheels Games

Happy Wheels is a unique game that brought us such simple gameplay that it seems incredible that it has achieved such a level of fame. The graphics are not out of this world either and the handling of the character when he is not in the vehicle is somewhat convoluted. However, the truth is that it is a very fun and action-packed game that will make us itch more and more to be able to complete its most complicated levels. The end point is to reach the finish line, but you must do it as completely as possible. If you miss the head directly, the game will stop and you will have to try again in another game. But, if you are missing some unimportant limb, you will be able to reach the finish line as long as nothing prevents you.
Versions such as Guts and Glory or the online version of Hard Life were added to this game, which reminds us a lot of this Happy Wheels and that is why you will find it in its category of games.

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