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🚀 Granny: the most terrifying Grandma in Video Games 🔥

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🌟 Who is Granny?🌟
Granny is an indie horror game that rose to fame thanks to Twitch streamers and YouTube videos. The game was created as part of the Slendrina series, the female version of Slenderman, and with the premise of being an escape game with a lot of action and fun tests. Its success got this first game to come out with a sequel in Granny Chapter 2 and a third installment with Granny 3.
Granny games continue to receive updates to insert new features and objects so the fun is served. In this game, sound is essential since Granny will be able to know your position through noises. You have to be very skilled to complete the puzzles that will arise while you try not to be captured by Granny.
If you still don't know how to play Granny online, we are going to give you the basic guidelines to start your own adventure, either in the original game or with our collection of online Granny minigames. You can't miss them!
🌟 How to Play Granny Online🌟
Granny's game is of the escape and terror type in which we are going to have to survive in an abandoned house where the spirit of this old lady lives. The plot centers on a completely abandoned old house and the player finds himself locked in it. To get out of here you will have to explore all the corners of the home to find those elements that will help you get out of there. The task seems simple, but we forget that we will have a specter behind us that wants to end our lives.
The necessary objects will be hidden remotely and to get some of them we may have to make a little noise, which can be our downfall. The house that we have to explore has 5 floors, among which we find the garage, 2 attic levels and the 3 floors of the house.
The player will have a chance to ward off Granny, but not in a direct confrontation. Your best weapon to survive in this adventure is to find hiding places to mislead Granny. You can seek shelter in closets or under beds, but do it before he discovers you or it will be worthless. Discover for yourself more about this exciting adventure and enjoy the Granny games that we have in this section of the web for you.
🌟 The funniest Granny Minigames on the Internet🌟
The great success of Granny has not been long in coming and you can already find independent versions in the form of mini-games online. If you haven't been able to play the originals, here are a few titles that will make you feel all the fun that the horror game Granny brings. Among them, we recommend that you take a look at The House of Evil Granny or Scary Granny House game. In all of them you will have to flee from an abandoned house in which the terrifying presence of Granny is found.
In addition, granny games have become fashionable and all of them will also have their place in this section of the web. And now that you know everything you need to know about Granny, it's time for you to sit back and take on the online adventure of Granny games.

Free Granny games, Granny games, Grandmother, Terror

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