free Trivial Games

free Trivial Games

It shows how much you know general knowledge with the classic Trivial Pursuit and many other versions for children. Answer general questions or about a specific topic as television series and superheroes.

Trivial Games

Free Real or fake photo celebrity Game
Real or fake photo celebrity
Free Stupid Test Game
Stupid Test
Free Earn a million dollars Game
Earn a million dollars
Free Trivial Simpsons Game
Trivial Simpsons
Free Almost millionaire Game
Almost millionaire
Free Name that beard Game
Name that beard
Free The 4 Fantastic trivial Game
The 4 Fantastic trivial
Free Do you know Justin Bieber? Game
Do you know Justin Bieber?
Free Spiderman I letreado Game
Spiderman I letreado
Free Who wants to be a millionaire? Game
Free Simpsons: Cartoon Quiz Game
Simpsons: Cartoon Quiz
Free Learn flags Game
Learn flags
Free Do you know Europe? Game
Do you know Europe?
Free Insurmountable Quiz Game
Insurmountable Quiz
Free Superheroes, trivial Game
Superheroes, trivial
Free What do you know about football? Game

+ Trivial Games

Free Trivialcraft Game
Free Hello Neighbor Trivial Game
Hello Neighbor Trivial
Free 4 Pix Word Game
4 Pix Word
Free Asked Game
Free Halo Quest Game
Halo Quest
Free FNAF Trivial Game
FNAF Trivial
Free Geography Quiz Game
Geography Quiz
Free Grand Theft Auto V: Trivial Game
Grand Theft Auto V: Trivial
Free The bad plastic surgery game Game
The bad plastic surgery game
Free Disney Princesses: Trivial Game
Disney Princesses: Trivial
Free Monopoly Empire Game
Monopoly Empire
Free Youtubers famous phrases Game
Youtubers famous phrases
Free Dragon ball trivia quiz Game
Dragon ball trivia quiz
Free Set the ladder Game
Set the ladder


Trivial Games

How to play trivial free, no downloads

If you have never tested your level of general culture is because you have not played Trivial, this game is only designed to test what you know about different topics of general culture or as different versions that exist, there are also other trivial something in particular as a series for example.

In the original there were six categories that encompass all the questions that are made, these categories are: Geography (Blue), Entertainment (Rosa), History (Yellow), Art and Literature (Violet) Science and Nature (Green) and finally Sports (Orange). The aim of the game is to get all quesitos, demonstrating that dominate the six categories and are the wisest.

To achieve these cheeses must go moving around the board answering questions, when you get to a cheese box will have the chance to win if you hit the corresponding question to the color of cheese you are going to get. We also found other versions made exclusively for worship or series so popular that his followers feel the need to demonstrate their knowledge.

In this category we have gathered trivial games and other very similar in that the dynamic is similar, questions and answers, and just as known as Who Wants To Be A Millionaire ?. The have both English or Spanish, for children or elderly, and various themes such as football or the animated series The Simpsons for example. Come as you know in these trivial show online and become a champion of general knowledge games!

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