Spongebob Games

From Bottom of Bikini comes the cook of the Crustacean Cascarudo to offer us adventures under the sea
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Spongebob Games

We are going to Fondo Biquini to accompany SpongeBob

Who lives in the pineapple under the sea ?, SpongeBob !, yes, our craziest and most endearing character lives in a pineapple at the bottom of the sea, more exactly in the fictional city of Bikini Bottom, originally created for the chain Nickelodeon for the animated series starring our favorite sponge. You still don't know who it is? Well now you have the opportunity to meet the most blissful and craziest sponge of the seabed, SpongeBob. Their adventures take place mainly at the bottom of the Ocean, but on some occasions they have ventured to rise to the surface and step on land. This peculiar character has the shape of a sponge and is yellow, and like the sponge it is, its body is full of holes, it has a very crazy way of seeing things and lives one adventure after another, some of them more unimaginable. Get to venture or take a simple first-person look at one of his peculiar adventures full of action as basic as possible until it becomes a bizarre and hilarious adventure.

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