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Ash's inseparable friend needs your help to get all the Pokémon and form a team to help them win in the great Pokémon League that will face the best trainers.
Pikachu Parkour: 230 Levels Pokémon Go: Memory Pikachu motorcycle Truck Pikachu Pokémon Buba Boom Pikachu Hero Pikachu Vs The evil Monster Pikachu Kisses Pikachu
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Defend yourself with the electricity of Pikachu

Pikachu is a very popular video game mascot and we want you to know her better. It is a yellow being that is always accompanied by Ash Ketchum, the protagonist of the Pokémon series. Well, this being has a resemblance to a rabbit with an electric ray-shaped tail, its huge pointed ears are yellow with black tips. On his face we can see two pink blushes, they are two very peculiar blushers because there is where Pikachu accumulates the energy to throw devastating balls. His body is bulky yellow with two brown stripes on his back. Although the body is bulky it is very agile and always looking for a new adventure to get out of boredom.

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