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Gumball Games

Welcome to the incredible world of Gumball

The amazing world of Gumball is full of adventures and surprises. Gumball is a blue cat that does not stop doing stupid things and never learns from his mistakes. His family consists of five members. The father is a lazy pink rabbit and there is no one to beat him to do the bum, his name is Richard Watterson, he hates to work and his mentality is of a teenager. Her mother's name is Nicole Jennifer Watterson is a blue kitten who fights for her children to have a good education but they do the opposite. The little sister's name is Anais Watterson is a pink bunny, despite her four years she is the smartest in the family, although she plays dumb to play with her brothers. Darwin was the faithful mascot of Gumball who accidentally had a mutation and now has arms, legs and a bigger brain, he will accompany him in all his adventures. Gumball is the best known because he is the protagonist of the series. He is a blue cat and is in love with Penny, a peanut with horns very sweet and cheerful.

Adventures to play in the amazing world of Gumball with your favorite Cartoon Network characters

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