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Pokemon, wrote a comment 6 days ago: how do you get your fucking spot back

mewto, wrote a comment 1 month ago: bich

Wyatt, wrote a comment 4 months ago: 00.22

Austin, wrote a comment 4 months ago: it is the best game ever

garchompmain, wrote a comment 4 months ago: why so much spanish

garchompmain, wrote a comment 4 months ago: how do i get past the first god dang screen

garchompmain, wrote a comment 4 months ago: yurrrr

esowasasin, wrote a comment 2 months ago: como guardo y cargo progreso?

Dorae, wrote a comment 3 weeks ago: si

Nil, wrote a comment 3 months ago: ¿como se supone que se guarda el progreso? no me deja hacerme una cuenta para guardarlo en el server y tampoco me deja guardarlo en ningua carpeta

Alex, wrote a comment 1 month ago: se guarda dándole a,a luego le das a guardado

adorable, wrote a comment 3 months ago: miauuu

Gerome, wrote a comment 2 months ago: salut


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Pokémon PlatinumPokémon PlatinumPokémon PlatinumPokémon Platinum
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Pokémon Platinum

Is an online Hunt pokemon game

- Pokémon Platinum was released for Nintendo DS and brought us a new adventure with the fourth generation of Pokémon, whose starters are Turtwig, Chimchar and Piplup among which you can choose your first Pokémon to start this adventure. As in all Pokémon games, we will have to be forming the best team to be able to face the gym leaders, accumulate all the medals and be able to compete in the Pokémon League.

While we try to reach our goal, we are going to have to fight Team Galaxy operating in the Sinnoh region with evil plans. Start your adventure with this emulator with which we can enjoy the successful Pokémon Platinum.

Enjoy the game Pokémon Platinum, it's free, it's one of our Hunt pokemon games we've selected.

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