Pokemon Inflamed Red b0.7.1

Game: Pokemon Inflamed Red b0.7.1

Game Comments

martintin, wrote a comment 1 minute ago: i have lookin for a nidoran for a long time so i have to ask is he still in route 22

Noke, wrote a comment 42 minutes ago: yo so good inflamed this is the best gba rom i have ever played

martintin, wrote a comment 24 minutes ago: yeah is good

Aiden, wrote a comment 1 month ago: how do i get to 1 island help

brandtrem, wrote a comment 5 days ago: uhhh watch the gameplay

brandtrem, wrote a comment 5 days ago: very good and cool game i was stuck at some part and i watched the gameplay and now i know what to do :d

Ihsan, wrote a comment 4 weeks ago: hy

azam, wrote a comment 4 weeks ago: why i can't play

IDK, wrote a comment 4 weeks ago: how do you evolve an applin into a flapple

beepboop, wrote a comment 2 months ago: how save

Mario, wrote a comment 1 month ago: you go to menu and put save

WilliamOMG321, wrote a comment 1 month ago: uuum i just found a lvl zero ratata

Oluwaseyitan Daniel Akiode, wrote a comment 1 month ago: when it is battleing a level high than it


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Pokemon Inflamed Red b0.7.1Pokemon Inflamed Red b0.7.1Pokemon Inflamed Red b0.7.1Pokemon Inflamed Red b0.7.1
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Pokemon Inflamed Red b0.7.1

Is a game of Hunt pokemon

- For fans of pokemon games came this game pokemon Inflamed Red b0.7. 1. pokemon Inflamed Red is a QOL difficulty cheat that (when out of beta) will allow you to catch all Pokemon from generations 1-3, regional variants, and cross-gen evolutions. It' s a hard trick similar to Inclement Emerald, with EV training not required but recommended. Many Pokémon will be able to be caught to catch all Pokémon from generations 1-3, as well as cross-generation evolutions (electivire, magmorter, etc.) and regional variants. Good luck.

Enjoy the game Pokemon Inflamed Red b0.7.1, it's free, it's one of our Hunt pokemon games we've selected.

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