free Zombies Games

free Zombies Games

Games kill zombies are better against more realistic look. Enjoy these online games on your PC and play versions of great games like Black Ops Zombies 3 zombie or against plants that succeed in PS4.

Zombies Games

Free Pixel Zombies Hunter Game
Pixel Zombies Hunter
Hunt down all the zombies trying to reach ...
Unity 3D
Free Zombie Apocalypse: Online Multiplayer Game
Zombie Apocalypse: Online Multiplayer
New online multiplayer game featuring zombies. ...
Free Shoot the zombies with a bow Game
Shoot the zombies with a bow
pointing the bow and arrows to shoot the zombies ...
Free Zombies shooting animals Game
Zombies shooting animals
animal plague of zombies is approaching ...
Free Zombies killed Game
Zombies killed
zombies in this game you can kill all the zombies ...
Free Zombie Demolisher 4 Game
Zombie Demolisher 4
Blow up the zombies from the fourth installment ...
Free Path of the Dead 2 Game
Path of the Dead 2
plays another run addictive zombies. ...
Free Kill zombies 3 Game
Kill zombies 3
In this game you have to kill all the zombies ...
Free Headless zombie Game
Headless zombie
Play this fun game where a sorcerer has bewitched ...
Free Zombie escapes Game
Zombie escapes
This Zombie is very hungry and need to reach ...
Free Cure Zombies Game
Cure Zombies
In this zombie game you have to do the opposite ...
Free Zombies pirates Game
Zombies pirates
Play this fun game of pirates kill zombies. Treasure ...
Free Wisdom vs zombies Game
Wisdom vs zombies
the hungry zombies can cost you your life. In this game you have to kill all the zombies ...
Free Defends the brains of zombies Game
Defends the brains of zombies
In this game you have to defend the brain ...
Free Resurrection of zombies Game
Resurrection of zombies
Resurrects the zombies to reach their ...
Free Zombie Terminater Game
Zombie Terminater
If you like zombies burst you can now do from this game. ...
Free Zombie read Game
Zombie read
Leo is a very peculiar zombie and you will get reach ...
Free Zombie Demolisher 3 Game
Zombie Demolisher 3
Blow up the zombies with a wrecking ball, ...
Free Super Zombie Hunter Game
Super Zombie Hunter
In this game you become a hunter of zombies ...
Free Zombie bullet fly Game
Zombie bullet fly
protects your control tower wave of mutant ...
Free Zombie car madness Game
Zombie car madness
in this game you have to go the scariest ...
Unity 3D
Free Cars running over zombies Game
Cars running over zombies
After the terrorists launch a chemical ...
Free Zombies ate my motherland Game
Zombies ate my motherland
zombies ate the whole population and only leaves ...
Free Crush zombies Game
Crush zombies
with this deck you have to hit all the zombies ...
Free Run over zombies 2 Game
Run over zombies 2
driving a jeep through the dark streets of this cemetery ...
Free Zombies tnt Game
Zombies tnt
zombies are invading the city and you have to stop planting ...
Free Zombeast Game
do not know where to go so many zombies, ...
Free Zombies invasion Game
Zombies invasion
the zombies are popping up everywhere and you have to stop them. ...
Free Balloons vs zombies 3 Game
Balloons vs zombies 3
aim and shoot all the zombies. you have to kill all the zombies, ...
Free Zombies vs vampires Game
Zombies vs vampires
In this game you have to throw garlic to vampires ...
Free Zombies in space Game
Zombies in space
you#39;re an astronaut who was investigating a planet ...
Free Hungry dead Game
Hungry dead
In this game you have to help the zombies ...
Free Pursue zombies Game
Pursue zombies
start the engine of your car and get going ...
Free Zombies survival in office Game
Zombies survival in office
a Framework night was working in his office ...
Free Pandemic Zombie Game
Pandemic Zombie
The zombie pandemic has arrived in Mexico ...


Zombies Games

How to play zombies free, no downloads

The zombies are fashionable and have staged countless movies and video games throughout history. The idea of ​​the undead is nothing new but if that is topical. The Walking Dead TV series put in mouth of all live again and again a golden age. In the gaming world there are many who include DLC in which include a zombie apocalypse as in the case of Black Ops 3. Another game that is causing a sensation is that of Plants VS Zombies, which has achieved great success among young audiences.

Zombie apocalypse stories usually always start the same, with a virus that infects the entire planet eliminating 95 percent of the population turning them into undead. As a survivor of this global epidemic have to find a way to survive, travels buildings seeking food, water, clothing and weapons among other things necessary to survive.

But be careful because the zombies are lurking, any noise can alert which will cause you to get kill attack. But it will not so easy, because you have a variety of weapons to defend them because everything in your environment can become a perfect weapon to crush skulls.

If you do not go through their brains they do not stop at nothing, no matter how many times cuts or hit them without aiming at the head. Prepare traps to defend your shelter, choose the best locations to put a trap skewers or dig a trench to leave them trapped. If you can find other survivors watch as they are not all friendly and may try to hijack your equipment and supplies.

Test your skills to survive a zombie apocalypse with these virtual online games we have for you. Zombies have already triumphed in the best platforms like PS3, PS4 or XBOX, and now is the time to enjoy them on your PC. Do you dare to undertake this adventure?

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