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Kirby adventure

This time Kirby will spend this adventure and need your help. Luckily ...

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Kirby omega

Enjoy another adventure where this time Kirby must overcome ...

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Kirby dress up

Kirby wears the clothes more appropriate for the time, and you can even put up a trident. ...

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Create Kirby

Create a new Kirby with new outfits thanks ...

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Kick kirby

Use a kirby balloon and try not to fall to the ground ...

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Kirby star scramble

Kirby fun game in which you must collect the stars that rise into the sky.

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Kirby Star Catch 2

Kirby has come into a new adventure, which is reflected ...

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Another fun adventure where Kirby can fly and shoot your enemies. ...

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Other Kirby Games

Kirby escape

fun adventure in which you have to help Kirby to escape ...

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Kirby pacman

Play Pacman Kirby where you have to eat as many balls as you can dodging ...

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Puzzle kirby

Complete this wonderful puzzle Kirby in the shortest ...

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Kirby bubble

Play this fun platform adventure game with this classic ...

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Kirby Bomberman

A new version of Bomberman game whose main character ...

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Kirby Games

How to play kirby free, no downloads
Kirby is a fun pink ball like a globe, is able to inflate and fly for a short period of time. Even more powerful is its ability to absorb his enemies as a vacuum cleaner to get the ability to absorb enemy is if the enemy can throw fireballs on the har too.
But it is not limited to these two skills as it is a master in martial arts, he can lash out at high speed or launch a powerful kicks against his enemies. Your enemy is King Dedede, who stole all the food from his beloved home Dream Land.
Our pink hero embarks on a struggle to regain the food, but they will have to defeat all minions of King Dedede one by one to reach the evil king. Will need to leverage the skills of his minions to deal best for each situation, and that progress in some areas need to break through a sledgehammer or attack from afar. Kirby helps to retrieve food and enjoys jumping or flying all over Dream Land.