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Free Karate Game
Play this great game where you have to karate ...
Free Kung Fu Game
Kung Fu
Play this spectacular fighting game Kung Fu. You can choose ...
Free Karate: tie Game
Karate: tie
play this fighting game where your teacher will teach ...
Free Tae kwon do Game
Tae kwon do
great karate game where you have to use martial ...
Free Young Lee kung fu Game
Young Lee kung fu
Manage this Kung Fu apprentice and carried out the mission ...
Free Grandmothers kung fu Game
Grandmothers kung fu
Amateur fun game old ladies to martial arts and Kung Fu. These ...
Free Ice breaker Game
Ice breaker
in this game you have to rush and break ...
Free Kung fu remix Game
Kung fu remix
The protagonist of this game is called Thomas ...
Free Karate: bugs bunny vs coyote Game
Karate: bugs bunny vs coyote
Today two main characters in the Warner will play a deathmatch ...

+ Karate Games

Free Dragon ball fierce fighting 2.4 Game
Dragon ball fierce fighting 2.4
New characters and new enemies you have to fight ...
Free Street of rage Game
Street of rage
great street fighting game where ...
Free The king of fighters in fatal fury Game
The king of fighters in fatal fury
Again we offer an exciting fighting ...
Free Super brawl Game
Super brawl
great fighting game where you have to fight ...
Free Kung fu 3 Game
Kung fu 3
kung fu 3 is a platform fighting game where ...
Free Kung fu: Free Game
Kung fu: Free
They have kidnapped your girlfriend and you have to rescue ...
Free Fights on the beach Game
Fights on the beach
a big tournament started boxing at the beach ...
Free Naruto Boxing Game
Naruto Boxing
Naruto wants his fists to try competing ...
Free Samurai Game
Genjuro is a samurai who is very angry that you#39;ve ...
Free Fight to the death Game
Fight to the death
great fighting game where you can choose ...
Free Nasty fights ninjas Game
Nasty fights ninjas
with nasty fight against ninjas ...
Free One Piece Ultimate Fight v1.2 Game
One Piece Ultimate Fight v1.2
comes the new fighting game where one piece ...
Free Kung fu panda dress up Game
Kung fu panda dress up
in this game you have the opportunity to dress ...
Free Xiao Xiao 9 Game
Xiao Xiao 9
Play the latest installment of Xiao Xiao, a set of puppets ...
Free Boxing in the snow Game
Boxing in the snow
Scrub and give a beating all your opponents to win the trophy ...
Free Japanese samurai Game
Japanese samurai
Play this game of fighting in the streets of Japan. ...
Free Foot ninja 3 Game
Foot ninja 3
play this fun ninja game where you have to get your girlfriend. ...
Free Skills ninjas Game
Skills ninjas
Help this ninja has to develop their skills. ...
Free Bob boxing Game
Bob boxing
In Biquini Fund it has declared the week of boxing ...
Free Free karate Game
Free karate
Free Karate is a street fighting game where ...
Free Run ninja run Game
Run ninja run
you have kidnapped a band of ninjas and you#39;ve ...
Free Karate: the path to energy Game
Karate: the path to energy
passionate play this fighting game. Nick is looking ...
Free Spongebob against Squirrel Game
Spongebob against Squirrel
Our friend SpongeBob is in deep trouble and needs ...
Free Joe punch Game
Joe punch
Manage this great fighter and defeat ...
Free Street fights 4 Game
Street fights 4
fighting game where you have to walk down the street ...
Free Muay Thai v3 Game
Muay Thai v3
Experience a new adventure, this time with a Muay Thai fighter ...
Free MMA Mixed Martial Arts Game
MMA Mixed Martial Arts
MMA has come to fandejuegos to begin to train ...
Free 3 Foot Ninja Game
3 Foot Ninja
Youre the higher Ninja is now in school ...
Free Rage blade Game
Rage blade
are you ready to take action in this game samurai ...
Free Capoeira fighter 3 Game
Capoeira fighter 3
now you can fight with martial arts capoeira. ...
Free Ninja mission Game
Ninja mission
learn to move like a real ninja to make money ...


Karate Games

How to play karate free, no downloads

This ancient art originating in the Ryukyu Islands, now known as the island of Okinawa. This martial art crebasndose in indigenous martial arts of these islands to the need warriors to protect its last lord the King of Okinawa. This martial art creespecficamente these warriors to fight the samuriy their armor, and to penetrate their armor was really difficult objective was shoot them down with a combination of powerful punches and keys to remove the floor.

Gradually the karate throughout Japan was expanding, as this martial art in which the use of punches fist and kicks with force combined, respiraciny balance weight on the target is tremendously effective. Learn to defend yourself with this ancient art, train hard on the basics of Karate and climbing belt, the ms near the black ests ms estars what being an authentic teacher.

Make exhibicin bouts where show your skills or serious fight in a tournament with rich prizes.

Practice your best karate chops with these great mini-games and gets the win in every battle. Hit and defend yourself from enemy attack to get to get the black belt in karate.

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