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Goku is the protagonist of the anime and manga Dragon Ball, one of the series most watched around the world. We have seen this hero grow from his childhood in which he was found by Son Gohan ojichan, this old man took while living, I taught him how to survive on as Gohan died ojichan met Bulma. A beautiful girl azueles hair became her best friend, she provided a radar, which could detect the magical dragon balls.
Goku was almost always threatened by villains who want to steal the prized magic balls and decided to find Master Roshi and Turtle Duende to teach you how to use martial arts. On the island the teacher he met an aspiring called Krillin, he was a normal boy who grew up with Goku and always accompanied him on all his adventures .
But all was not as easy as expected, as she tried to gather the magic balls, the army of the red cross, tried to take them to summon the dragon and make a wish to dominate the world. Goku was forced to chase and hunt them down to recover the dragon balls they already have, for it will resort to their friends and magic cloud called kinton. This cloud obtained thanks to Master Roshi who gave it for good behavior.
When the series grew only improved, now calling himself Dragon Ball Z in which we will fight against all kinds of enemies using our super powers space warrior to defend Earth and all its inhabitants. But not so simple because the enemies are both on Earth and in space and are innumerable threats which our hero will have to face, because of that we help in the battle that lies ahead.

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