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Free Escape: Escape tied to a chair Game
Escape: Escape tied to a chair
You dare to escape from a house where they have locked ...
Free 60 Seconds to live or die Game
60 Seconds to live or die
In this game you have 60 seconds to go on living ...
Free Escape from Helltowers Game
Escape from Helltowers
Escape as fast as possible from the clutches ...
Free Escape alive from the hotel Game
Escape alive from the hotel
First-person game in which you must leave the hotel by finding ...
Free Escape: The Farwest Nightmare Game
Escape: The Farwest Nightmare
Escape from this place as soon as possible ...
Free Escape GYM Game
Escape GYM
After doing so much exercise in the GYM you are alone and with the door closed. ...
Free Escape: Princess Juliet under the sea Game
Escape: Princess Juliet under the sea
Live Another adventure escape with the princess ...
Free A story to escape Game
A story to escape
In this escape game you have to immerse ...
Free Ninja Room Escape Game
Ninja Room Escape
Solve the puzzle of Ninja Room escape in a escape ...
Free Subnautica Escape Game
Subnautica Escape
You are trapped in a submarine submerged twenty ...
Free Prisoners escape from jail Game
Prisoners escape from jail
You dare to take on the role of a prisoner ...
Free Escape, thk 58 caduto Impero Game
Escape, thk 58 caduto Impero
You wake up in a spaceship and you realize ...
Free Escape: Santa Claus on Halloween Game
Escape: Santa Claus on Halloween
It`s Halloween night and a disturbed mental kidnapped ...
Free Miley Cyrus saw game Game
Miley Cyrus saw game
The evil male magician Black is holding the famous ...
Free Prisoner clumsy: Escaping The Prison Game
Prisoner clumsy: Escaping The Prison
A judge has sentenced you to ten years in prison ...
Free Escape from the burning house Game
Escape from the burning house
Will you be able to escape from a burning ...
Free Survive Escape Game
Survive Escape
In which you were sailing a boat shipwrecked ...
Free Escape Game
Funny game where you must escape the nursery ...
Free Escape: Hanging Bridge Game
Escape: Hanging Bridge
Haste to escape and solve every puzzle game to rescue ...

Other Escape Games

Free Get the dog Game
Get the dog
You have limited time to get through the maze and reach the dog is in the center ...
Free Last game of Pigsaw Game
Last game of Pigsaw
President Obama has kidnapped the evil pigsaw, so that his victims ...
Free Submarine Game
you have a very complicated task that must be done in a submarine. ...
Free Portal Game
in the year to 15,837 an inventor built a machine ...
Free Kidnapped at the party Game
Kidnapped at the party
They have kidnapped your girl in the attic while youre dancing ...
Free Scooby Doo 2 at the museum Coolsonian Game
Scooby Doo 2 at the museum Coolsonian
Scooby Doo has been cast in error in the museum ...
Free Islander boys Game
Islander boys
These Indians have seen their village threatened by a terrible ...
Free Escape industry Game
Escape industry
have a good time playing this fun game where you have to ride a skateboard ...
Free Santa christmas gift escape Game
Santa christmas gift escape
Santa Claus has had a problem with reindeer and stopped ...
Free Garfield rescue his girlfriend Game
Garfield rescue his girlfriend
Garfield#39;s girlfriend, Arlene was secuetrada ...
Free My family spy Game
My family spy
great platform adventure game where you have to move forward ...
Free Instead exhaust Game
Instead exhaust
Play this adventure and see the enigma that is enclosed ...
Free Cinderella has to escape Game
Cinderella has to escape
Cinderella#39;s stepsister have locked you in your room so she would not attend ...
Free Vokingos vs Roman Game
Vokingos vs Roman
Play this fun game where you#39;re leaking a Viking ...
Free Running motorcycle Game
Running motorcycle
in the city where the boy lives he is collapsing ...
Free Electric boy Game
Electric boy
a villain has left the entire city without electricity ...
Free Lodrona run! Game
Lodrona run!
like you#39;re a Robin Hood who steals from the rich and donate ...
Free Island adventures Game
Island adventures
Jack has had a terrible plane crash and has crashed ...
Free Sheriff adventure Game
Sheriff adventure
Great graphic adventure game where you are a sheriff ...
Free Ben 10 escapes on ATV Game
Ben 10 escapes on ATV
Ben 10 has a new mission is to eliminate ...
Free Astronaut most wanted Game
Astronaut most wanted
your ship just disappeared, and your mission is to find the spaceship ...

Look for the best way to escape and get out of captivity to which you have submitted. Sometimes need to seek out the perfect escape for kidnapping, shipwrecks on an island or many other situations.

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Escape Games

How to play escape free, no downloads
Do you dare to escape the houses of psychopaths ?. These villains prey on the most vulnerable people to kidnap and tie them to a chair to play his mad escape game.
You tied to a chair and you have to get out alive. Sometimes you have to find the secret mysteries of the houses where you have to search and find the keys or tools with which, you will escape. Sometimes you have to help your partner to escape alive and even have to sacrifice your life to save another.
If you like to solve puzzles and uncover clues that the hijackers forgot. You are in the right place !. Sure you'll like these escape games. If your skill is escape, they show playing these games adventure games .