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🥋 Welcome to the Tekken Universe 👊
Fighting games are a classic in video games, but there are undoubtedly a couple of sagas that have known how to stand out in this niche. We are talking about Mortal Kombat, but the one that matters to us in this section is Tekken, the Namco saga that was born as an arcade game and was later turned into an exclusive PlayStation saga. The exclusivity was broken in the seventh installment since Tekken 7 came out for multiplatforms (XBOX, Nintendo, etc.) and its games were adapted to portable platforms such as Game Boy Advance or Wii U.
In the different installments of the Tekken video game we witness a general plot in which a series of fighters will face each other in a great fighting tournament, the Tekken: The King of Iron Fist Tournament. In them you have to go through the round until you reach the big final boss to proclaim yourself champion of the tournament. But, in the whole saga, in addition, a plot arc is followed that gives rise to a historical line that unites all the installments of the saga.
The characters of the Tekken video game have been changing during the different deliveries, we have seen how some left, others left and we have witnessed the return of many others during the deliveries. Few are the fighters who have been in all the editions of the classic Tekken and you can now enjoy all of them with these versions of Tekken online games.
🥋 Fight with your favorite characters from the Tekken Games 👊
Tekken fighting games have marked a before and after in the world of video games and it is that it is one of the longest running sagas within this style of games. The story begins with Tekken and ends with Tekken 7, but don't let this mislead you, there aren't just 7 Tekken games. Between delivery and delivery, a special title was coming out, such as Tekken Tag Tournament or Tekken Revolution.
Throughout all these installments we have met more than 100 fighters with their own skills and specialties in various forms of fighting and martial arts. In each installment they tried to introduce new characters, while others disappeared, but they were not going to do it forever. Among them there are names that will sound a lot like Nina or Paul (both are among the few that appear in all installments of the saga), but also others like King, Ling Xiaoyu, Kazama or Jinpachi Mishima, to name a few.
All the classic characters and the newest ones are on our website and the fact is that the success of Tekken has crossed the border of video consoles and we find a lot of online Tekken mini-games with which you will have great moments of fun. Take a look at the Tekken games category on our website and enjoy with your favorite fighters.
🥋 Enjoy the Classic Games of Tekken Online 👊
On our website you will be able to enjoy the classic Tekken games and this will be thanks to the online retro console simulators. Thanks to these emulators we will be able to relive the most classic adventures of Tekken, Tekken 2 or Tekken 3, among others. The best thing is that you won't have to download anything to your PC or mobile devices and you can play these versions online for free.
In addition, in this section of the web you will also be able to find Tekken-style games in their online minigame versions. Tekken has greatly influenced fighting games and in the world of minigames we will find many that perfectly imitate the gameplay of this famous title. Don't wait any longer to discover everything we have for you in this category of Tekken online games.

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