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Train to be a sailor moon 🔥

Sailor moon, refers to a popular search on our website with about 8 related games to display
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Everything you need to know about Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon is one of the greatest references in terms of anime and manga that triumphed worldwide. It is within what is known as the Magical Girl Warriors genre, which is characterized by elements such as female protagonism, the use of enchanted objects to activate their power, adding a pet as a protagonist or including a secret identity to preserve their true being. In addition, it includes elements such as forming a group of warriors to fight evil using their powers and forces.
The story begins with its protagonist, Usagi Tsukino, a very normal young woman, with a somewhat chaotic life, but full of monotony. One day everything changes when he saves a cat with a crescent moon on its forehead. She soon discovers that it is not a normal cat, but rather that he is in charge of recruiting her as a moon warrior, a planetary guardian who must use her powers to protect the earth. That is when a fight will begin against the Dark Kingdom, their great enemy, who try to conquer the world by extracting the energy of human beings to obtain the silver crystal.
Sailor Moon will not be alone in her fight and she will be part of a whole group of warriors with magical powers who will collaborate to save the earth from destruction. The moon warriors will face multiple monsters each week that are commanded by the ruler of the Dark Reindeer. Now is the time for you to get to work and help Sailor Moon in their most fun games on the Internet.

Discover Online Adventures in Sailor Moon Games

Sailor Moon was a success and they soon began to develop films, merchandising and video games. There were more than 20 video games for consoles and arcade machines that were released about Sailor Moon in Japan. Most of them came from Bandai and were produced by Banpresto, achieving great success around the world.
The first Sailor Moon video games followed the theme of side-scrolling fights, but little by little, other games more in the style of puzzles and fighting games came out. Special mention to the game Sailor Moon: Another Story which was created as a role-playing game. The most recent Sailor Moon game is the one released by Bandai Namco for mobile devices, IOS and Android. We are talking about the game Sailor Moon Drops, a three-line puzzle game with the characters from the series.
And how could it be otherwise, the online minigames have also based their adventures on the story of the famous Sailor Moon anime. All the Sailor Moon games that are successful on the internet are on our website and you can't miss them.

Become a moon warrior with these Sailor Moon Games

On our website we have created a compilation with almost 10 Sailor Moon games that flood the internet. Among them, there will be no shortage of games in which we will have to dress Sailor Moon and the moon warriors, in addition to experiencing great crossovers such as with Disney princesses or Barbie.
In addition, you can have fun with the Sailor Moon character creator that is available on our website, so you can create your own warriors totally to your liking. Likewise, there will be no shortage of classic games that come to our website thanks to online retro console simulators, such as Sailor Moon: Bishoujo Senshi. All this and much more awaits you on our website.

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