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Call of duty Games

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Call of duty Games

Call of duty Games

Call of Duty is definitely one of the star amazing shooters every year, Activision hand we could live with this saga all kinds of situations. Since find in the trenches of World War II to a futuristic war, through the Cold War.

We will in the skin of a brave soldier in key moments in history to stop the enemy that threatens world peace, we will face the Axis forces in 1942 or the Russians to avoid a nuclear war. We must also stop the invasion of Russia to the United States and Europe, certainly the task will not be easy and we must fulfill various missions but all with this goal in mind.

We will have a large arsenal of weapons and vehicles such as machine guns, sniper rifles, pistols, shotguns, grenades, mines, motion sensors, tanks, planes, drones and more. Use all your aim because every bullet count and the fate of the world depends on a handful of men who risk their lives.

Enjoy these mini-games that we have achieved so you can spend great moments of entertainment based on the great titles in the series Call of Duty Advanced Warfare, Call of Duty Ghost or Call of Duty Black Ops in all its versions.

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