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The best of Donkey Kong now on the Internet

Donkey Kong is one of the great stars of Nintendo and now he comes to our website with his funniest games, the usual ones and the new ones that are appearing on the Internet with the figure of our favorite gorilla. The history of Donkey Kong is closely linked to that of the other great Nintendo character, Mario Bros.
Donkey appeared for the first time in a Nintendo game as the villain of the Mario Bros. game. His success was such that he would soon have his own video game saga, which would begin in 1994 with Donkey Kong Country for the Super Nintendo. That is why it is also one of the characters that always appear in other Mario series such as Mario Kart.
With the arrival of Donkey Kong's own adventures, we also met characters from his environment such as Diddy Kong, Cranky Kong or Dixie Kong, among others. There are many games that we have available with Donkey Kong and the rest of his family. Donkey Kong was Nintendo's mascot for a while, but his friend, Mario Bros, would end up taking that position from him. However, despite the fact that they started out as enemies, their relationship is ideal and that is why we see them share games quite often.

Enjoy the Classic Donkey Kong Games

The Donkey Kong saga has more than 50 games on its list and there have been many adventures that the Nintendo gorilla has faced. Many of these titles were adapted to the consoles that the company was releasing. This is how we will be able to find versions of Donkey Kong for Nintendo NES, Super Nintendo or, coming to the most recent, the Wii or Nintendo Switch. Not only desktop consoles enjoyed Donkey Kong adventures, but also portable ones such as Game Boy, Game Boy Advance or Nintendo DS and 3DS.
It all started with the Donkey Kong Country game, which was followed by a second part and a third, where we got to know Diddy Kong and Dixie Kong. After that came the Donkey Kong Land video games, which also led to a television series.
As we say, the history of the two main figures of Nintendo, Donkey Kong and Mario Bros, are strongly linked and it is something that we were also able to verify with the Mario VS Donkey Kong game that was released for Game Boy Advance. As we have mentioned before, we also see Donkey as a regular character in Mario games like Mario Kart, Mario Tennis or Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games.

The Free Donkey Kong Games that you cannot miss

And now that you know everything about Donkey Kong, it's time for you to undertake all these adventures that we are talking about and many more. Donkey Kong is a character much loved by the general public and this has led many online minigames to base their stories on those of Nintendo's gorilla.
On the other hand, in recent years online retro console simulators have become very fashionable and in them they offer us the opportunity to relive the most classic video game adventures such as Donkey Kong. This is how you will be able to play titles as fun as Donkey Kong 64, Donkey Kong Country or Mario Bros VS Donkey Kong, among others, on our website.
You cannot miss all the fun of these classic Donkey Kong games that you can enjoy on our website without downloading and totally free. We work daily to continue bringing news and new titles with which you can have fun with Donkey Kong and his gang.