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If you like to spend a fun da, now you can spend hours thousands of pieces fitting s. nelas you all stop complete drawings, but each of these parts must be in the correct order and position.
You can complete a lot of puzzles, whether beautiful landscapes or images of your favorite serials and movies. Find different levels of difficulty, this function would raise difficulties of the parts difficult because SERMs have to complete a puzzle pieces 150 a 25.
Help Buzz Lightyear back to life by uniting all the parts that keep separate, if you get back to form the image completely podrs other unlock new Toy Story characters that need your help. If you're a fan of the Simpsons podrs help more famous family from america to continue doing crazy things, helps in nine different images bart homer or a new adventure.
Thanks to these great images you will develop your intellect, even sers able to improve your memory.