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Free Cow vs aliens Game
Cow vs aliens
You#39;re a space cow and your mission is to fight for your home planet ...
Free Green animals Game
Green animals
you have to help this green bug to do their mission. ...
Free Gravity Duck 2 Game
Gravity Duck 2
Play this fun game to think like you catch the golden ...
Free Ice age, squirrel Game
Ice age, squirrel
Move with the arrow keys to play this great platform ...
Free Little britain Game
Little britain
Play this game based on the popular television series ...
Free Pirates depths Dutch Game
Pirates depths Dutch
plays another fascinating game Pirates of the Caribbean ...
Free Robots Game
This robot is running out of power and you have to help take all the energy ...
Free Roly poly eliminator Game
Roly poly eliminator
Excellent skill game, the goal is to shoot water roly poly, for that you have movements ...
Free Hobo Millionaire Game
Hobo Millionaire
A Hobo has won the lottery and the millionaire ...
Free Meeblings Game
Handles calls to this fun Meeblings balls you have to get to the bottom ...
Free Hack n sushi Game
Hack n sushi
have to handle a man who seeks revenge, they have stolen ...
Free Annihilation Game
you are in the desert, where you`re a desperate ...
Free Two bears in Antarctica Game
Two bears in Antarctica
live an exciting adventure with these two bears caught ...
Free Monsters laboratories Game
Monsters laboratories
this monster is an experiment in a science obsessed ...
Free Gravity Game
this guy has come to this strange planet where you can play with gravity ...
Free Mr. block Game
Mr. block
you are the mr. block and you have to play this game of platforms ...
Free Detective Horse Game
Detective Horse
great platform adventure game where you are a horse-shaped ...
Free Shooter guardian Game
Shooter guardian
in this game you are the guardian and you have to protect ...
Free Bad witch Game
Bad witch
This witch has problems. You want to get your magic portions ...
Free Mutant zombies Game
Mutant zombies
You#39;ve entered a cave full of zombies to exterminate ...
Free Super Charli Game
Super Charli
Play this fun adventure game with Super Charli. our friend ...
Free Duckstazy Game
Duckstazy is a fun game addicted to pills duck and need help to take your daily ration ...
Free Asterix and Obelix Game
Asterix and Obelix
Escape the camp of the Romans, with our friends ...
Free Robot Rift Game
Robot Rift
In this game youre a robot messenger who has to feed his creator ...
Free Fly girl Game
Fly girl
We bring you a fun game where you have to help the girl in the nightclub. ...
Free Carnivorous plant Game
Carnivorous plant
eat all the flies in each level with the carnivorous ...
Free Gunmen Game
the sheriff of this town of the old west want to eliminate ...
Free SpongeBob in the world of super mario Game
SpongeBob in the world of super mario
SpongeBob is unknown causes in the world of Mario and now has to rescue ...
Free Marbleous Mission Game
Marbleous Mission
collect all the balls you can and avoid falling ...
Free Flies Game
in this kitchen to fill flies and must be eliminated. ...
Free Iron knocker Happy couples: Hola Soy German Game
Iron knocker Happy couples: Hola Soy German
If youre a fan of YouTube Hi Im German, ...
Free Final game ice cream Game
Final game ice cream
This guy is a great hero and wake up in the morning ...
Free Run down Game
Run down
Get ready for an addictive game where you always ...
Free Marty in space Game
Marty in space
Help Marty in this space mission and get beat all the levels ...
Free Crystal Island Game
Crystal Island
Crystal Island is a game where you have to overcome ...
Free Megaman project x Game
Megaman project x
Enjoy a new adventure with Megaman and defeat ...

Start enjoying platform games and funniest adventures on your PC so online. All are free so do not hesitate to get in and start discovering the world of platform games.

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Platform Games

How to play platform free, no downloads
Platform games are one of the most addictive in which we put all our attention and energy to move forward. This genus is so named because of the large number of games to advance force us to jump from one platform to another, while dodging enemies or shoot a gun. We also have to pay close attention because if we're wrong and we fall we can die.
There are many games of this type, but some have marked a before and after in the genre, such as Super Mario. In which using should go forward Mario eliminating or dodging Bowser's henchmen to rescue the princess.
Thanks to the success of this delivery were many others like it, even some like metal slug arcade elements that integrating getting an action game where we could jump and shoot at the same time or move through different levels. Now you can relive these classics and many more novel in which you can jump and run at a chilling pace.
Such is the success of these games always go for big new game consoles like PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and ONE, WII, etc. Now you can enjoy these games on your PC totally free online for nothing curb your passion for these games. Platform games and adventures are very close so do not hesitate to start these missions that we bring. Become addicted to games platform and join the fans of these games that exist all over the world!