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Free Happy wheels Game
Happy wheels
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Guts Glory: Puzzle
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Happy Tree Friends - chip of the block
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Happy Tree Friends - Idol moments
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happy wheels

Happy wheels Games

How to play happy wheels free, no downloads

Happy Wheels is a phenomenon that has trapped thousands of online players. His violent character and ability of players to create new maps and share them with other players have to succeed in the network, it is considered one of the best free online games. Each map has its difficulty and some can only happen with certain characters and their vehicles. We may find elderly wheelchair, an obese person on a cart, a man cycling sometimes accompanied by his son, etc. They will face horrible races involving dangers they may lose their lives.

You dare to run in these races of fear and terror where curiosity will lead to casting down the incredible racing Happy Wheels. You can choose an elderly wheelchair with an improvement installed in your car, it has a powerful turbo capable of flying at low heights and climb steep slopes. You have to have your eyes open for percatar any anomaly or trap that can torture your character.

You can also choose a father and his son riding on a bike ride, you have to face your nightmare and pedal as hard as you can to reach your destination without being killed by the devastating traps Happy Wheels. Many other characters are available for you to spend a good time of fun with these bloody careers. You should try to reach the finish line alive, no matter if the path you've lost an arm, a leg or other limb. If you see danger in your vehicle, it is best to come out of it and you roll to the finish if necessary.

The game is continuously updated by the fact that we discussed earlier, that players can create new maps on which to play and test the skills of other players. You can not miss this fantastic game if you have not played and, if you have not already, do not stop to enjoy the new races that have been created. You will not need to download anything, you have it available online and free. Come run the most important race of your life because you'll be playing life!

Complete all races with bloody strange characters that are part of Happy Wheels. You must go all circuits with the weirdest vehicles and try not to lose their lives in the attempt.

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