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Being offender is more fun when you're a virtual character, because when you can not die permanently and you can do everything that has crossed your imagination, however crazy it can enjoy committing criminal offenses .
This is what proposes like Grand Theft Auto, an open world where you can unleash your crazy possible further criminal ways. Stealing a store, rob a pedestrian, stealing a car pulling its owner to death, skip red lights, shoot members of rival gangs, enter super protected military bases and all that comes to mind.
Offers a wide variety of firearms , including pistols, submachine guns, assault rifles, sniper rifles and bazookas. You can also use knives, brass knuckles and explosives. Although everything has its consequences because if we commit a crime the police chase us and not to arrest, depending on the seriousness of the offense or offenses accumulated other government agencies will join the persecution and even the army.
Looking for work as a criminal in the fictional city of Los Santos to increase your income with which you can buy a safe house a car that you can tune in the garage custom, weapons and upgrades for your character. Be careful who you work because you can cheat and see you put on a good roll it up.
In the city of Santos sent the boldest and criminals, falling well everyone will want to not steal them, visit banks or jewelers to plan the big blow with which you can make a fortune if you do not pinch justice. There will always be a snitch that will ruin your plan and you have to improvise a new plan so that everything goes as expected.



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