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The most prominent celebrities from the world of music, film, television, etc. come to our site to interact with them. Change your looks or live adventures with them in these games.
Free Kill the famous Game
Kill the famous

In this game you have to kill the famous that you choose. the famous first hits as hard as possible ...

Free Celebrity couples Game
Celebrity couples

The brain is a muscle and as such have to train. ...

Free Celebrity Nicknames Game
Celebrity Nicknames

Do you dare to discover all the nicknames ...

Free Katie Holmes Dress up Game
Katie Holmes Dress up

Katie Holmes to come shopping with you and wants you to help her choose ...

Free 6 teen Skate Game
6 teen Skate

selected from nikki, jonesy, jen, Judas, ...

Free Do you know victoria justice? Game
Do you know victoria justice?

Actress Victoria Justice is well known for its role in Zoey 101 series ...

Free Miley Cyrus Fashion dress up Game
Miley Cyrus Fashion dress up

Miley Cyrus needs some help getting dressed for your next trip in the summer. ...

Free Big time rush makeover Game
Big time rush makeover

The famous band Big Time Rush gets into your hands for you to choose ...

Free Cooking with selena gomez Game
Cooking with selena gomez

Selena Gomez wants to surprise her boyfriend cooking ...

Free Super ZP-Summer Vacation Game
Super ZP-Summer Vacation

A new chapter of these parodies of the former ...

Free Psy darts Game
Psy darts

playing another fun game gangnam style where you have to throw knives ...

Free Chaplin rolling Game
Chaplin rolling

chaplin helps to control the swinging stick. ...

Free Selena Gomez has foot problem Game
Selena Gomez has foot problem

Selena has to sing at the concert butve encountered ...

Free Dress up the famous angelina jolie Game
Dress up the famous angelina jolie

The famous actress Angelina Jolie is one of the great world cinema ...

Free Dress up the famous miley cyrus Game
Dress up the famous miley cyrus

miley cyrus wants to give a big birthday ...

Free Taylor Swift Revenge Game
Taylor Swift Revenge

The famous Taylor Swift is devastated by his bad experiences with their recent ex-boyfriend. They have deceived ...

Free Brad Pitt and his new girlfriend Game
Brad Pitt and his new girlfriend

Brad Pitt has a new romance with a girl but Angelina ...

Free Elsa Pataky fashion Game
Elsa Pataky fashion

Play this fun game of dressing the famous Elsa Pataky. ...

Free Dress up: hannah montana and miley cyrus Game
Dress up: hannah montana and miley cyrus

In this game you can dress and make up hannah ...

Free Angela actual makeup cheung Game
Angela actual makeup cheung

angela cheung wants you to help her choose a nice makeup ...

Free Justin bieber kisses Game
Justin bieber kisses

Play this fun game of kisses with the famous ...

Free Miley cyrus oust Game
Miley cyrus oust

in this game we are all sick of listening ...

Free Rihanna dress and make up Game
Rihanna dress and make up

The famous singer of Barbados comes in this game to get in your hands. ...

Free Guess who? Game
Guess who?

you are competing in a contest of TV, guess who she is. you have to guess what famous ...

Free Lady gaga frozen Game
Lady gaga frozen

lady gaga needs our attention and we will help to make up as princess ...

Free Famous girls: Puzzle Game
Famous girls: Puzzle

Dare you complete all the puzzles of the most famous ...

Free Making up 50 cent Game
Making up 50 cent

50 cent wants you to wear makeup and you change ...

Free Rihanna Real Makeover Game
Rihanna Real Makeover

Have a good time playing this fun online ...

Free Prince william and kate Game
Prince william and kate

game in which you have so much fun looking ...

Free Angelina beach dress up Game
Angelina beach dress up

Angelina Jolie has come to the beaches of an unknown ...

Free Icarly, sushi Game
Icarly, sushi

The characters in the Nickelodeon series iCarly ...

Free Photos for celebrities Game
Photos for celebrities

You are an apprentice paparazzi and you have to work very well for good pictures, ...

Free Escaping from jail Game
Escaping from jail

help paris escape from jail. you must try to escape ...

Free Kick Out Kim Game
Kick Out Kim

Kim Jong is about to announce the news in the public ...

Free Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber kissing Game
Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber kissing

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber have been several ...

Free Kevin jonas makeup Game
Kevin jonas makeup

kevin jonas soon have a concert and needs your help so that you wear makeup. ...

Free Hollywood buzz Game
Hollywood buzz

Imagine you are in hollywood and you are in a program, ...

Free Shakira style Game
Shakira style

Shakira is preparing for his upcoming tour, desidirse ...

Free Paris Hilton dress up Game
Paris Hilton dress up

paris hilton error will be entering the prison and have to help dress the photo of jail. change ...

Free Leonardo Dicaprio Game
Leonardo Dicaprio

Play this fun game of makeup on Leonardo DiCaprio. ...

Free Makeup and styling to Megan Fox Game
Makeup and styling to Megan Fox

this cute model has become very famous and has many appointments ...

Free Makeover Dakota Johnson with brackets Game
Makeover Dakota Johnson with brackets

Dakota Johnson necita our support ...

Free Differences clear celebrities Game
Differences clear celebrities

Find the differences between these photographs that you will see your favorite ...

Free Gentleman ta ta ta Game
Gentleman ta ta ta

In this game you must create a perfect ...

Free Motorcycle racing: Obama vs Romney Game
Motorcycle racing: Obama vs Romney

obama and romney want to play the post of chairman ...

Free Jessica Alba summer time Game
Jessica Alba summer time

The famous Jessica Alba challenges you to find the pieces ...

Free Eminemania Game

Our friend Eminem has to give a concert in the city, but the paparazzi ...

For mobile
Free Puzzles, maricruz in untamed heart Game
Puzzles, maricruz in untamed heart

i challenge has completed all levels of this puzzle ...

Free Gangnam ta ta ta Game
Gangnam ta ta ta

Play this puzzle game where you have to set the stage for gangnam ...

Free Angelina jolie and brad pitt, loving kisses Game
Angelina jolie and brad pitt, loving kisses

Paparazzi are looking forward to seeing ...

Free Scarlett Johansson Game
Scarlett Johansson

Prepare this great actress Scarlett Johansson, ...

Free Selena gomez dress Game
Selena gomez dress

selena gomez is tired of trying hairstyles and dresses ...

Free Selena Gomez Game
Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez gets in your hands to let her as beautiful ...

Free Robbing John Travolta Game
Robbing John Travolta

You do not see John Travolta steal their belongings ...

Free Dressing Victorious Game
Dressing Victorious

Victorious want to show one of his new songs and wants you to help to dress is great occasion. ...

Free Star stylin dress Game
Star stylin dress

Play this fun dress up game. you have to dress as you like this beautiful ...

Free Jessica alba dress Game
Jessica alba dress

jessica alba has an interview with a major film director ...

Free Hannah Montana and Taylor Swift Game
Hannah Montana and Taylor Swift

Two big world of music are Miley Cyrus, ...

Free Oblivion: sliding puzzles Game
Oblivion: sliding puzzles

Oblivion movie starring the famous actor Tom Cruise ...

Free Cameron diaz puzzle Game
Cameron diaz puzzle

if you like puzzle games in this game you have the opportunity ...

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Celebrity Games

How to play celebrity free, no downloads
There are many types of celebrities, they are all different and quirky and it is something common can not afford. These people should stand out from the dems, so no current is only done for them and why some believe special.
Some may be movie stars or music, used to pose for the cameras. You have to help to make up or choose from a large wardrobe an outfit that encourages them to face interviews and concerts. It depends on you that celebrities can bring happiness to their fans around the world giving a great image as a single occurrence where his image still has much can cost them dearly.
Not only do you have to limit yourself to help because often there are some of these characters are made to hate. Enter a boxing ring with them and give shock or perhaps prefer playing shoot every time they do something wrong, you can even torturing some of them in different ways to learn the lesson.