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Free Bathe Nick Zootopia Game
Bathe Nick Zootopia
Nick has been badly wounded and stinky, we'll ...
Free Nick and Judy kisses Game
Nick and Judy kisses
Judy kissing gorgeous without their ...
Free Zootopia trains memory Game
Zootopia trains memory
Have a good time having fun playing this game of memory ...
Free Make up Zootopia Game
Make up Zootopia
Make up Judy Hopps differently to these used to seeing. ...
Free Zootopia hidden numbers Game
Zootopia hidden numbers
Be the first to see the new images ...
Free Zootopia: Painting Game
Zootopia: Painting
We have prepared a painting game where you have to paint ...
Free Fix Judy's car in Zootopia Game
Fix Judy's car in Zootopia
Judy Hopps' police car has suffered a minor ...
Free Zootopia Dash Game
Zootopia Dash
Move with Hop, the police conejita Zootopia to find the clues ...
Free Zootopia dress up Game
Zootopia dress up
Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps want to change ...

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Free Zootopia pursuit of Judy Hopps Game
Zootopia pursuit of Judy Hopps
Zootopia adventures are not over, our friend ...


Zootopia Games

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The new Walt Disney Pictures success that is sweeping all theaters of the world is Zootopia, also called Zootrópolis for British and Spanish version. Disney producers have returned to give life to the animals in this movie take clothes and human customs. With this film the producer has created his film number fifty five of their classic Disney.

In this city we will find the most colorful animals that live together in peace regardless of what it is either. It is divided into neighborhoods Tundratown different habitats where polar bears and moose live; Sahara Square in which we find desert animals; Little Rodentia, for animals tinier; or, Bunnyburrow where rabbits and place where the main character in the film lives are.

Said main protagonist is a small rabbit, Judy Hopps, who dreams of being a cop, and though his parents want to change his mind, is convinced that its future lies within the police station. Judy get pass the tests and become the first official coneja Zootopia city. Your boss will not take it seriously because it is smaller in size and strength than other command officers and officer to act as parking meters, which will not like anything to our protagonist. In one of his working days to meet another great protagonist of the story, Nick Wilde life a fox making small gains scams. Together they will be involved in a case with a great mystery to solve.

For those who have already enjoyed the film and for those who do not bring this new section where they will collect all games whose theme is related to Zootopia. In them, you'll still enjoy the funniest characters in the film as Judy, Nick and the entire population of this city. You can watch the players, help them in missions, enjoy photos from the movie as you find hidden objects, etc. If you want to start enjoying the games we have available you just have to access this category and be very careful to see that we will be bringing new products in the coming days. Zootopia has reached Fandejuegos and not to miss!

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