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The zombies have come to life and luckily we have invented a defense system with plants. Let the plants face the zombies as you fight for your survival.
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Plants vs Zombies

Start the War of Plants VS Zombies

Zombies have taken over the world and plants are the only ones that can protect us using their floral abilities. In our case we will incarnate Dave the madman, who has devised an intelligent defense system in which the plants of his garden come alive and attack the zombie enemies who try to enter his house. There are a wide variety of plants, each with specific abilities that will allow us to defeat different types of zombies more easily. We can even combine the skills of some plants with each other to achieve greater effectiveness. We need to strategically place our friendly friends, since if we don't have a combination capable of repelling the hordes of enemies, our plants will be eaten until they reach us. If everything fails as the last line of defense we will have a short grass that will be launched against the enemies decapitating them, although we can only use this measure once.

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