free Yogi bear Games

free Yogi bear Games

Bear Yogi and Bubu need your help to get out of their many missions that make up these games. The protagonist of the animated series and film immerses himself in the online world to continue giving great moments of fun to his fans. Help him get rid of the park ranger.

Yogi bear Games

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+ Yogi bear Games

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yogi bear

Yogi bear Games

How to play yogi bear free, no downloads

This popular Bear is one of the characters of world's most recognized cartoon, this talking bear was created by the legendary studios Hanna-Barbera, and next to Yogi could see other figures such as Huckleberry Hound and Pixie, Dixie and cat Jinks .

Accompanying this thief baskets Yellowstone park in peak season the park and after hibernation, Yogi and Boo, will be devoted to assaulting all tourists arriving to the Natural Park of Yellowstone, and they ran out of their picnic basket, and all kinds of food (sandwiches, cakes, ...) danger if the Yogi Bear comes the smell of this. But the Ranger John Francis Smith try to prevent these bears wolverines frighten the clientele of the natural park and leaves them with nothing to eat, though not always successfully achieved.

Prevents the Rangers stop you achieve your greatest booty, you do not bug the binge and he flees through the mythical nature park. And remember how many baskets you've eaten today bubu?

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