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Andy's best friend in Toy Story

Andy's favorite toy is definitely Woody, a cowboy brave defending the weak and keeping order in the Wild West with his sheriff's badge. Although what Andy does not know is that his cowboy doll comes to life when he is not and live great adventures in her room with the rest of his friends.

This brave sheriff will be the leader of everyone in the house, so you need to help each and every one of the toys so they do not get into trouble. It will even arrange the soldiers to rescue the trapped toys neighbor Andy who only wants to destroy for fun.

If you want to help this brave hero, you must use all your wits to organize an action plan to rescue all the toys without getting caught. Because if they discover they are alive would be a disaster because it would use to make money and to exhibit as zoo animals. Become one more of these cute toys and helps the sheriff to keep the peace.

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