free Wolverine Games

free Wolverine Games

Wolverine or X-Men Wolverine has to use his superhero skills to attack the DC army, thanks to his claws he will be able to confront the most powerful superheroes of Tokyo. Take the sharp claws of Wolverine and face the villains that frighten the city.

Wolverine Games

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Wolverine Games

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Wolverine is one of the first mutants exist or have at least reached our days, since among its powers is the immortality and regeneration capacity. But this is not the only power he possesses, since it has an exoskeleton of bone that can be modified by removing bone claws.

In World War II is subjected to a government program in which he introduced a super heavy metal called Adamantium, this merges with its exoskeleton and now has metal claws instead of bone. Using his own name Logan, meets Dr. Charles Xavier which is another mutant of the most peculiar.

Able to read minds and can even stop time, find any mutant in the world using their supercomputer brain conectndolo to mind. This aims to bring together all mutants in the world and teach them to msjvenes to use his powers in his academy, the Logan proposes to be one of the masters of the academy to help msjvenes convirti ndose one of the X-Men.

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