We are bears Games

Pardo, Panda and Polar from Somos Osos are waiting for you to continue playing with them in different adventures
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We are bears Games

Integrate bear brothers into society

The most famous bears Cartoon Network and Boing await you on our website for you to play the most fun and passionate games you can play.

These three brothers seeking to integrate into human society but like bears will have to work hard for humans to treat them as such.

Follow his adventures in different games, totally free no downloads and no records of any kind. If you've seen on TV We are sure the Bears want to know in games.

What is your favorite?. It is difficult to decide because the Panda is fun, always wants to look good to stand on social networks. The polar bear is very quiet but has a great skill in martial arts and Pardo is the largest and the most gluttonous.

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