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Vikings Games

Warriors consecrated to the Nordic gods

The most feared in your little barbarians by Europeans were definitely the Vikings, these brave warriors who based his life on the nrdicas beliefs and gods do not fear death. The Vikings perseguan a good fight, because According to their beliefs if dwell in glorious combat will be able to access the Valhalla.

nete to looting to Europe to fight the knights who dare oppose your horde of blood and steel. Also podrs fight ogres enraged that Sern ms three times larger than any of the most formidable warriors under your orders.

It is possible that temporary lines have been crossed, forcing these brave warriors to use firearms and swords to defeat waves of zombies. This struggle opens up a new world of possibilities, which must resist as the assault of thousands of undead and other monsters aprovecharn to try to stop us.

Those who are more pacficos also can build your own village and forge his legend expanding his empire.

Wield a weapon to fight battles of Vikings and savage barbarians in pirate wars

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