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Vermin Games

Vermin Games

Insects are the most pequeos animals on the planet, but are critical to its ecosystem. Although they are not as developed as humans in intelligence, s who demonstrate their own skills and even Nicas a collective consciousness that allows them to work in harmony in some species such as ants or bees.

Ants eg working in community and have an incredible force that allows them lift up to 50 times its own weight. They can even be oriented to kilometers from their nest something really incredible for its small size, then there are other insects with a variety of skills.

But all this changes everything we know if the bugs were wrong, because they are fully aware as individuals and have their own besides customs of their lifestyle. In the case of ants at birth in function of their skills they were selected as workers or soldiers, so never podrn change classes and that makes some choose to leave the colony to live autnticas adventures.

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