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Vegeta Games

Vegeta Games

The prince of the super warriors is one of the legendary saiyan , also known as Vegeta . A warrior known as much for his cunning and his courage in the struggle, from an early age was trained hard so it worked unleashing their full potential stressing above all existing super warriors.

Now you can choose what clothes to take the prince of the super warriors and fight with him against terrible enemies and even against characters like Goku . Vegeta be imposed on those below him, but also compete with much more classic and charismatic characters like Sonic. If you get tired of fighting you can always try to complete a series of puzzles of this saiyan and your friends or enemies.

We may also enjoy Saiyan fights developments of up to level 5, may use techniques incredible power able to clear up an entire planet in the universe. The melee will be like in the series, trading at a frantic pace punches and kicks in an instant.

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